Jock itch and Apple Cider Vinegar

17 years ago

Hello all. I have jock itch and I want to cure it so badly. It is really itchy. I just want to know if applying Apple Cider Vinegar directly (or mixing it up with water) is a good cure? Will it also help if I drink one teaspoon daily?

Thanks for your attention!

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  • lazy_gardens
    17 years ago

    It's a FUNGUS that is under your skin ... the cider won't do a darned thing for it.

    Get an OTC treatment and follow the directions on the label.

  • janemccl
    17 years ago

    Hello Slider:

    Actually, cider vinegar works pretty well on fungus infections. I have used it for years to go from a skin infection that drove me nuts to one that is an occasional irritation. Instead of baths, I bathed by wiping down with a couple of cups of cider vinegar. It sooths the skin and helps anxiety, whcih for me seemed to go with the skin problems. Recently however, I have found for vaginal infection (candida probably, a kind of fungus, sort of) that yoghurt works better. So, try that first, it is less stingy. Vinegar stings.

    Also, another help is MSM available in the health food stor. that takes away the itch, but puts the stuff in your blood and kidneys which makes you (me) nervous. I take cilantro to get it through the kidneys and eliminate and end the cycle. Keep up any treatment for a couple of months to be sure of completion. fungus hangs on.

    Best, jane

  • LisaObry
    17 years ago

    Jock itch is the imfamous athlete's foot fungus, a bit misplaced. I have treated my feet before successfully with tea tree oil, but that would be quite uncomfortable in the privates. Maybe try a tea tree oil soap. That would probably be more soothing. It should take about a month to clear up, washing with the soap twice a day.

    this fungus spreads very eashily, so make sure you wash your hands after touching the area or your feet.

  • rusty_blackhaw
    17 years ago

    "Jock itch" can be due to a number of conditions, some of which are not infectious (i.e. psoriasis, eczema etc.). There can be infection (bacterial or fungal). Sometimes fungal infection can be due to the same fungus that causes athletes foot, sometimes not.
    A long-term, chronic problem is probably worth having accurately diagnosed before starting self-treatment.

    Using vinegar (internally or externally) has not been shown to be effect in treating this problem, and there's nothing special about "apple cider" vinegar.

  • Jamesge
    16 years ago

    Stopped messing around. tinactin. This will cure you. Curing a fungus requires an antifungal agent.

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