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What direction should the window face?

13 years ago

I have a house plant book that categories plants according to whether they need "full sun," "semi-sun," "semi-shade," or "shade."

Full sun is an area receiving at least 5 hours of direct sunlight; semi-sun receives only a couple of hours of direct sun in the winter; semi-shade receives no direct sun light but receives a substantial amount of indirect light filtered through sheer curtains or trees; and shde recieves no direct sunlight and is somewhat dark during the day regardless which direction the window faces.

How does which direction (i.e., north, east, south, west) that a window faces impact a house plant? Do certain plants need a window that faces a certain direction or do all plants have the same directional preference?

I am in a New York like climate, with little or no direct sun light at any time of day during the almost exclusively overcast days during the winter season, so direct sun light is not an option.


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