perlite color

12 years ago

I am new to hypertufa and have much to learn:-)

can perlite be colored or stained,so it doesnt look like

styrofoam? what other lightweight aggrrgates can be used

that wont root in a few years?

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  • justadncr
    12 years ago

    Vermiculite can be used in place of perlite. Some people use cement dye but I have not been able to find it. I have used a diluted acrylic paint that colors the hypertuffa well after it has cured. It is the same pot in the middle. {{gwi:72165}}

  • Mike Larkin
    12 years ago

    They different things that you add perlite, vermiculite, or peat not only make the container light weight, but also help give it a appearance that maybe looks similar to stone. So some people like the look of the white perlite or the brown pieces of peat.
    To get to your question, you can purchase dye, liquid or powder at your local big box store or a concrete sales showroom and dye the mix while you are adding water and making the hypertufa. Or if you read through this forum there are many other ways to color the container after it has been completed. Many kinds of stain, or paint can be applied, and of course there are many techniques used and described in great detail -

    Please lurk and learn - this forum is full of great ideas.
    But the best teacher is to experiment


  • Keith Furman
    2 years ago
    last modified: 2 years ago

    What did you find? I'm planning to try dying perlite black using fabric dye. Vermiculite retains too much moisture for my purposes.

  • PRO
    2 months ago

    Plz guide can i color perlite stones, any bright color and place them on the top soil, to en hance the beauty of the container and plant. If yes which dye must i use.

  • bragu_DSM 5
    12 days ago

    read the forum ...

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