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October 11, 2005

You have been helpful with your knowlege and information that I was successful in making a silicone mold. Gratias~ My question is the casting (the product from the mold - correct to call it a casting?). As the end result I want something that is somewhatlightweight but still give me the details of veins of the leaves, can be painted and given a hard clear coating and can be used indoors. This is not for outdoor use. I have made a leaf mold and would like it to be a centerpiece. I have thought of plaster but am not even sure if the paint would soak into the plaster. Also, I would like to use another form of casting but not sure what would give me the results I am looking for. I have looked at resins but they seem expensive and I'm thinking this would not be paintable. Any one work with resins? I have used beeswax as in a mold in past years but not anything this large so I'm not sure that wax is a suitable casting to use paint on its surface. I'm thinking paper mache would not give me a smooth look and not give me the details of the veins. Can anyone suggest something? TIA, Blaze

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  • butterflybush

    I like the leaves I cast with White Quikwall by Quikcrete. It has white portland and fibers in the mix and you don't have to make it too thick if it is not for walking on. How big is your leaf gonna be? "Quikwall" is like a stucco product, I get mine at Lowes. It picks up detail very well I did a 31 inch elelphant ear.

  • Blaze

    Thanks for the Quikwall suggestion, Bttflybush. I was looking for something with a smooth finish. If it's stucco looking,does it have a smooth finish and does it really pick up detail. My leaves are around 15x8 and 22x12.

  • butterflybush

    Here is a Quikwall Hosta Leaf. It takes the detail very well, and has as smooth a finish as the leaf you cast. I pay about $15 for about 40 pound bag, but it would make 30 or more of these 10 inch hosta leaves. Plaster of paris will make a very smooth cast but it is very fragile.

  • Lonesome_Mesa

    Can you use the "Quickwall" product outdoors? Can it be sealed and used outdoors if not by itself?


    P.S. That's just beautiful!

  • Blaze

    Thanks for the reassurances - that's gorgeous..

  • butterflybush

    Quikwall is an "outdoor" portland cement based product. They use it to cover concrete blocks to make it look like Stucco. It comes in white or grey. I have used it for sculpting, and it is not as smooth, but I like that effect. But put into a mold, it will take on the smoothness of the mold.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Quikwall projects

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