2011 sweet cherry pics and report

First let me say that these observations are very preliminary. This is my first good crop and there were major differences between conditions relative to cultivar. Some were in pots, some in the ground. Some needed thinning and some had only a few cherries. The brix numbers should be understood as having an error of + or - 3 or 4 points.

But here are the numbers and observations. The cultivars are listed by order of preference with best at the top.

Selah: 31 brix, very firm and large fruit, good flavor

Sandra Rose: 34 brix, best flavor, large fruit, may be soft

Van: 30 brix, very good flavor, medium size

Royal Rainier: No fruit this year but very good in past

Bing: 23 brix, very good flavor

Lapins: 23 brix, similar to Bing with less flavor

Rainier: 26 brix, too soft

Skeena: 27 brix

Sweetheart 27 brix

Chelan: 23 brix, only good because it's early

Sonata: 27 brix, soft and tart

Regina: 26 brix poor flavor

Royal Helen 29 brix, poor flavor

Royal Edie 27 brix, poor flavor

Some pictures of the fruit.



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