Bittersweet Hog Panel Arbor

12 years ago

My DH & I shaped this old bent-up hog panel (a couple days ago) into a somewhat arbor seen here on GJ forum. We bought 4 short steel fence posts to put it in the ground since we have quite sandy soil in this area.

Today I shoveled & got ground ready & planted it! You can see the hog panel here...but kind of hard to see with all the background grasses, mulch, rocks, etc. Will clean up area more ...located it here on corner of woods so could get lots of sunshine!


One of my DD's gave me gift to buy my own plant for Mom's Day this yr. & so I picked out 2 Bittersweet vines...always wanted to try them...need a female & male plant...these are Celastrus scandens "Diana" and "Hercules"...LOL! They can grow 30' hence the arbor.

View from another side...looking toward the pines:


I newspapered & mulched it all very good & then added some limestone rock at the back with a broken frog ... need to pick up extra rock & move mulch from backgrd. I'm thinking a couple "mushrooms" would look good in front of the rocks. What do you think? Maybe I'll try a mosaic yet???


Just wanted to share a good (beautiful sunshiney) day! Jeanne S.

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