Craftsman mowers... why all the hate?

13 years ago

Okay, so my Lawn Boy 10210 finally was declared dead after 15 years of use. No biggie, I still have a 10313 and a 10424 to quench my Lawn Boy desires. However, after leaving the repair shop that dealt me all the bad news about my 10210, I realized that although I don't really need to replace it... I now only have 2 mowers instead of my usual stock of three! Kind of ridiculous, but I really like using different machines... keeps it interesting! So, on the way home I stopped by Sears and found a returned Craftsman push mower with a Briggs 6.25 engine on it for 120.00. I pulled the trigger if only for the motor! Anyway, I came home and mowed with it immediately and I was quite impressed with the power and mulching performance. So, my question is why all the hate on Craftsman products? I have one of their trimmers, blowers, tillers, and hedge trimmers and they have all been excellent equipment. I know they aren't particularly pro commercial grade stuff, but the mower I got today seems sturdy enough. Now, I probably won't get 15 years out of it like I did my Lawn Boy but I see no reason not to expect a long life from this mower. I believe there may be a bit of mower snobbery going on here! I honestly got as good a cut and mulching performance with this Craftsman than I have any of my Lawn Boys. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for those little green machines, but I was happily pleased with this little Craftsman's performance.

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