New Style Gas Cans!

June 11, 2006

I've got three relatively new plastic gas cans that I use for my riding mower and lawn mower as well as two "cans" that provide diesel for my tractor. The gas cans are Blitz with the new style nozzle that is supposed to prevent spills. These things are brutal and invariable lead to a mess.

Can anyone recommend a brand of gas can that has an improved design? I really miss the simple spout style and never spilled gas prior to this improved technology.

I should mention that I can use a small "can" for the lawn mower, but need 5-7 gallons for garden tractor (gas) and tractor (diesel).

Our government at work. You can never have too much regulation.


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  • ntillm01

    "Unfortunately, couldn't find any of the old style cans at West"
    I was afraid that might be the case. The Feds come up with a safety idea and suddenly everything gets it and the old stock is pulled from the shelves.

    It has been a few years (2-3) since I bought mine from West Marine so I thought they might still have the old style. Sorry about that!

  • youth4him

    One note on the non-vented new cans, you cannot store the spout in the can if it's more than about 1/2 full as the pressure will cause it to release gas all over the place, learned this the hard way.

    You can improve the new cans with a drill and a cork of some sort, pick the size of the hole and the corking device, and you now have an old style can.

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  • mowers

    You guys would love my grandfather's gas cans...now my father uses. He used large glass gallon plus sized wine jugs with metal screw on caps. They must be 50 years old now. Extra thick glass. I loved them, I recall when I was young he would say...use the black colored gas for the LB. Those things were heavy as a kid.

  • jay_haitch

    I remember those from ~30 years ago. My dad used two of them for makine crabapple wine. He had 1 imperial and 1 US gal bottle. I will never forget what happened to one: I was downstairs working on my bike in dad's workshop. I was about 12 or so. Mom yells "Dinner's ready." I yell back "OK, I'm come---ming" in a sing/song type of voice, rather loudly. As soon as I stop, I hear this low pitched hum that rapidly gets louder. Then I hear a loud "CRACK!" One of the glass bottle splits down the middle! So I know from personal experience a human voice hitting the resonance frequency can break glass, a la opera singers, which I am not!:) I did sing in our church choir for many years though, never broke anything.....except maybe a commandment or twelve :)

  • jay_haitch

    We still have the good old style cans, at least here in Manitoba. Check the link, and come on up. Your dollar is worth about $1.10 right now.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Canadian Tire

  • steve2416

    I wish government would stop trying to protect the stupid. It weakens the gene pool. We dealt with gas cans, bottles, etc. for years.
    Want to smoke while gassing up or pour gas into a overheated engine? Go for it. Smarter people are waiting to fill the void when you are gone.

  • mtgrs737

    Blaise, Yep, your right that's what I'm talking about. They work well for me. Although they are a bit expensive.

  • splicer

    Apparently there are 2 styles...the one I have is sold only under the self venting claim...

    Here is a link that might be useful: Self Venting 5 Gallon Can

  • bogi

    Still have 2 of the metal Eagle 6 gal can's from the old snomobiling days....and a 2.5 gallon metal Eagle for the LB that was bought for $6. The 6 gal cans were bought for under 15 bucks in the 70's. I see they still make the Eagle brand...but man, have their prices skyrocketed. (thanks to our gov't) I am willing to bet they are still a top notch fuel can. Mine will be around longer than me, but I can't attest to the new ones, and their performance.

  • mike781

    I've got a couple of old Eagle SP2 gas cans. The cans are perfect but one has a leaky spout. Eagle doesn't make them anymore and offers no parts. Anyone know where to find a spout to fit these old cans??

  • edwardh1

    the blitz jugs spouts do not fit on leak tight.
    I threw mine away.

  • rob123

    Just wait until the nozzle starts to stick open. As you pull the gas can out of the tank it spills all over the place... That started recently with my 32:1 can... It's the best!!! Insert sarcasm here...

  • colt357_2004

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that hates new gas cans. I thought, I was doing something wrong. I have two 5 gal and 1 2gal for weedeater and chainsaw. They all dribble when you pour. I thought it was me!

  • hitech

    I have about 6 of the "new" style and all of them leak when used and seep when stored. I keep them outside for hurricane season because they all "stink". I still have 4 of the "old fasion" ones with the vent and fitted rubber gasket, I could keep them in the living room and never know they were there.

  • duke88

    I was in the local hardware store (small town)the other day looking for a ext cord and noticed they had the old style plastic gas containers with the rear vent and flex spout so I bought a 5 gal one...it's made by Wedco but has the Briggs & Stratton tag on it. I have a one & two gal like it but bought a John Deere lawn tractor and needed a bigger one.

  • edwardh1

    these look nice but are expensive and look small

    ace- eagle

  • andrelaplume2

    REAL DUMB QUESTION....on the old style cans, are you suppose to store them with the little yellow cap on off? I have not had too much trouble with splillage with my little 1 gallon spill proof container...its just ackward on the blower, trimmer etc.

  • newjerseybt

    I just noticed that kerosene cans in Canada are also RED.

    That might cause a problem. In the US, you have to have a blue can or they will not fill it with kero. You might get a little suprise when you push the ignite button on your Kerosun heater.

  • tbone123

    I saw this message area and couldn't help to toss in my two cents, and a few hundred for a gallon of gas!

    Went to the gas station the other night to get my new and improved 5 gallon ($15) red gas can filled. The one with the spring top that closes by forcing part of the fueling shaft against the o ring topper. Ya know! Any how the guy put it in my trunk. The trunk lid hit the top of the can when he tried to shut it and the top broke off. Now, I have a nifty can with no top spout. Have to get a replacement. And, when trying to fill anything with it one has to push down on the can to force the spring loaded spout open. This by placing a small plastic step on it against what ever you are trying to fill. Also, the spout being in two sections which slides to open or close generally gets out of alinement and stays open. Presto! you end up with a real mess and fire hazard. Not impressed. :-(

  • rollerzeke

    Hello all.

    Gardenweb Tool Shed Forum post that almost got real ugly.

    SUBJECT: Justrite Gas Cans.


    1. rollerzeke is not in any way an "undercover sales agent" for the Justrite Gas Can Company.

    2. rollerzeke is not trying to sell Justrite Gas Cans, or start a Chevy vs Ford debate.

    3. rollerzeke will get one of these Justrite Gas Cans.

    Here is a link to the Justrite Gas Cans. http://www.justritemfg.com/containes.tpl

    Be cool, be safe everyone. Triple digit temps expected here in Big Country Oklahoma.

    Good day.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Justrite Containers

  • lawnboystu

    Golf T's work great if you lose the vent cap.It's getting harder to find reg. style gas cans and that is not good.If people could just leave well enough alone.

  • zoomie

    Though I was the only individual that was getting ticked at these cans! What a joke. I can make a mint by drilling a small hole towards the back of the can and installing a small vent. Similar to the connections you need on some of the weedeater fuel tanks. Again a waste of cash!!!!

  • bhshaman

    I just found out today that all the gas cans in Maine are now CARB. I ran to a bunch of stores and did not find any old stock. The CARB ones are terrible, have two. An the no-spill thumb press ones are a waste. How do you tilt a 5G can full of gas AND push the thumb button at the same time?

    Someone please post an underground source of Vent Hole - No Thumb Required cans for us that cost less than 30 bucks for us poor people in CARB states.

  • browntbdd_yahoo_com

    Zoomie said:
    * Posted by zoomie (My Page) on
    Thu, Aug 9, 07 at 15:27

    Though I was the only individual that was getting ticked at these cans! What a joke. I can make a mint by drilling a small hole towards the back of the can and installing a small vent. Similar to the connections you need on some of the weedeater fuel tanks. Again a waste of cash!!!!

    ZOOMIE- please help a mechanicly challenged guy- be more specific on how you properly install the small vent- materials, seal, process, etc..

  • sabreriffic

    I too got fed up with the CARB, self venting, and spillproof cans. After losing a couple caps on Blitz's and Wedco's, I've had enough. 35$ later I know have a 5gal Eagle Saftey Can. Metal Can, built in strainer, Included rigid Funnel. Its great. No more buying replacement spouts, but I do have a collection of plastic cans to pawn off. I'm yet to have a spill with the Eagle and the flow rate is 10x's better than the self venting ones. I highly recommend it.

  • jay_haitch

    Come to Manitoba. Canadian Tires here have quite a few old style 1, 2.5, 5 US (20 litre) and 5 Imperial gal (25 litre) gas cans available. A few even have blue kerosene ones. Home Depot and Rona only have new style ones though. I bought 2 old style diesel cans at a rural hardware store last year. Yay! I also bought another 20 litre and 2.5gal can. Should last me my lifetime. My Wedco 25 litre can is about 30 years old, still on the same filler, working perfectly.

  • tom_p_pa

    My grandfather used glass wine jugs with the screw on metal cap. Works like a charm as long as you do not mistake it for wine. And you can always see which one is the oil mix too being the glass jugs he uses are clear. The jugs must be 40 years old. I remember them as a little kid, and I recall how heavy they seemed when lifting them around the yard after he told me to run to the shed to get him gas. He filled them from a large olive drab in color military square gas can. He used to stick a hose in it and suck a vacuum on the hose to fills his jugs. Oh, the memories. This is the way things should be, simple, no?

  • newjerseybt

    I second the JustRite UNO cans.

    I bought one a couple of months ago. Yes they are not cheap but they reduce the chances of having an accident. I got tired of the Blitz can valve jamming.

    The all-metal JustRite can automatically vents to compensate for changes in temperature so your can will not shrivel up in the Winter or look like a beach ball in the Summer.

  • fordtech

    With price of fuel inching toward 4 bucks a gallon, those large cans need to come equipped with a welded on eyelet to put on a chain and lock. Its getting to be like gold.

  • tinkerer_gw

    Hi, Have been reading for some time now about all the problems people were having with the new leak proof gas containers, but never gave it any thought, because I had plenty of the old style cans.
    That all changed about a month ago, whenever I had to purchase an additional 5 gal. diesel can, which had one of those new spring loaded, no spill nozzles. What a nightmare. After the first atempt at using it, I decided that this was definately not going to be acceptable.
    After doing some research, I found that not all states required these and you could still buy cans with a traditional self venting nozzle, in some states.
    While traveling last week, I stopped into a store in WV and sure enough, they had the cans that didn't have the spill proof nozzles.Not wanting to buy another complete can, I asked the sales person if they sold replacement nozzles and to my surprise, he said " Sure we have lots of them ." I purchased several of them. One for me and some for some of my friends who were having the same issues with those spill proof cans as I, and they worked perfectly.
    Hope this helps all of you who want to find a work around to this no leak nozzel

  • cranheim

    After spilling gasoline all over me, the power equipment, and my garage floor with my Blitz "Spill Proof" spouts, I tried a "No-Spill" brand can I purchased from a Honda dealer. It has a lifetime warranty. So far it works great. I just put the spout in the fuel tank and press the button on the back of the spout and it delivers the fuel quickly. The can and spout are all plastic, but the spout is much different than the ones used by Blitz. Charles Ranheim

  • dynasoar

    I am a landscape contractor in the mid-atlantic area and did not relish the idea of replacing all of our old rubbermaid/ Briggs cans (about 20+)just because the spouts are not made anymore

    In the past I bought replacement packs of Wedco T235c "replacement spouts" for the old Rubbermaid/Gott/ Briggs gas cans. When I recently went to reorder they said they were discontinued.


    What you need to do is buy a Wedco replacement gas can spout (Mfg# model T201). They are always on sale at e-bay for about $4 each.

    Once you get the parts all you need to do is cut about 1/8" off the inside opening of the old rubbermaid black plastic threaded ring (be careful as this is pretty dangerous). Once you do this you are good to go!

    Ps. the new spouts seem to fit perfectly,hold up well and don't leak.

    Good luck

  • cranheim

    I was sent one of the new Enviro-Flo spouts for my Blitz gas can. It has a handle to press to start the fuel flow. However, there is a child proof safety feature build into this handle. It is like a slide switch you slide back until it locks in place. This unlocks the handle. Here is the problem I fould with mine: After unlocking the handle by sliding the side switch to the rear until it locks in place, it snaps back to the lock position before pressing the handle far enough to start the fuel flow. It is supposed to allowing starting the fuel flow, then reset itself to the lock position, so when you release the handle, it will again be in the locked position. I think this locking safety feature is poorly designed, making it difficult to use. I found it was necessary to slide the unlock switch to the rear, and hold it there with one hand while pressing the lever down to start the fuel flow with the other hand. This has to be done while supporting the weight of the can, holding the spout in the small fuel tank opening, and watching it fill. You cannot simply start and stop the flow as the tank fills, because the handle keeps relocking. I suppose it is possible I just have a defective spout, but it looks like a weak design problem to me. I wrote to Blitz about it, and they responded by saying it had been tested and approved for safety, but are still interested in hearing about any problems that show up in the field. This new locking feature caused me to spill fuel trying to operate it while filling the fuel tank. If anyone out there has tried one of these new spouts, please post your findings about it. I, along with Blitz, would be very interested in your findings. Blitz has had a good reputation for many years. It would be a big problem for them if they had many returned as having a safety defect. Charles Ranheim

  • rdtompki

    As the originator of this thread I'm not surprised by its longevity. I've also gotten a sample new style Blitz can and, while not perfect, it's a big improvement for filling small gas-powered devices such as weed whackers and lawn mowers (from a small can). The flow rate is just about right and I now longer spill gas. I'm very interested in Blitz's solution for their larger, 5 gallon cans. I can't see this new design having any merit for a large can that might be used to fill a tractor or riding lawn mower: flow rate is too slow and holding down the spout lever would be difficult if not impossible while hefting 30-40 lbs. Meanwhile, I'm going to peruse this thread and see if there are any solutions for the five 5-gallon cans I've already got.

  • jammer1

    I like the older EAGLE cans made of steel;All the plastic containers I ever bought,let me down by leaking,or the nozzle breaks,just when you're ready to pour,and similar mishaps.......

  • erstanfo

    Blitz - Enviro-Flow
    I had the same problem with the child proof feature as Cranheim. I took it back to Wally World as defective. Shucks/Kragen/Autozone have old style. Lowes on west coast also have old style.

  • erstanfo

    Blitz - Enviro-Flow
    I had the same problem with the child proof feature as Cranheim. I took it back to Wally World as defective. Shucks/Kragen/Autozone have old style. Lowes on west coast also have old style.

  • electman

    old gas cans leak what do new ones do?

  • htspecialist

    Thanks for the tip Dynasoar. I bought the Wedco T201 over the internet (2 for $7.95 + shipping). The new spout works great on a Gott 5 gallon container after the 1/8" trim to the original cap. No leaking gasoline and the old can stays out of the land fill a little bit longer.

    What you need to do is buy a Wedco replacement gas can spout (Mfg# model T201). They are always on sale at e-bay for about $4 each.

    Once you get the parts all you need to do is cut about 1/8" off the inside opening of the old rubbermaid black plastic threaded ring (be careful as this is pretty dangerous). Once you do this you are good to go!

    Ps. the new spouts seem to fit perfectly,hold up well and don't leak.

  • aercooled_gmail_com

    Yes, they are terrible. I purchased the kind with a spring-loaded sleeve on the filling spout. You have to grip and pull back hard while trying to fill a chain saw, lawn mower, pressure cleaner, etc. This tends to loosen the spout and gas spills all over your hands, your equipment and into the environment. Possible solutions: 1) Buy a funnel for 99 cents, remove the spout and pour directly from the can. (2) Use a hack saw to cut the white plastic end that seals the filling spout. Remove the spring. Attach a short length of tubing to the remaining spout or use spout as is.

  • Greensideup77

    They are not cheap but look at the JustRite Metal Safety Gas Cans at www.northerntool.com

    Some come with attached metal filler nozzle or furnish your own large mouth funnel to save a bit if you need to stock a few cans. Assorted colors.

    Forget the silly plastic torture devices masquerading as gas "cans" these days.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Northern Tool

  • rustyj14

    I have noticed that those infernal new style gas cans are not sold in my favorite places that used to have them.
    And, from what i have seen by inspecting them--the hack-saw treatment was the best way to fix them!
    Probably designed by some college-educated hack, who never had to use a gas can!

  • mmk8283

    I designed a retrofit for the "Blitz" cans that converts them over to a flexible 1/2 fuel line for a spout. can be as long or short as you wish.

    for a few bucks I can hook you up with one, just send me an e-mail.

  • andrelaplume2

    Pop passed on recently and my teenager was taking over doing his lawn duties using his Snapper Mower. I noticed Pop stored his gas in two old plastic Paint Thinner containers using and old funnel. I figured I'd get a nice 5g container for regular gas and 1g for the oil mix stuff....I figured it should be safer and eliminate the accidental 'putting the wrong gas in the wrong piece of equipment' scenario...not that teenagers would ever make that mistake.

    I bought two Blitz cans at Walmart. These are the ones with the extremely short stubby Nozzle with a button you slide up and the pull this trigger to release gas. Looked simple enough anyway...like our own little private gas station right....

    I stopped at the gas staion to fill them up, first the 5g sucker. I added my stabil to the 5g can then oil/stabil to the to the 1g can. I then proceeded to fill the 5 gallon container. I next decided to see how these babies worked so I put the nozzle back on the 5g can and removed the nozzle from the 1g. I proceeded to fill the 1g from the 5g. As soon as I slid the button and pressed the trigger gas burst out everywhere! I then realize this stubby dam little nozzle needed to be well with in the 1g container. That manuever was awkward as hell to pull off and more gas was split. At $4 a gallon I was getting pretty upset. I was waiting for the attendant to comeand yell as well. I realized this situation would only be more cumbersome trying to fill my weedwacker or blower with this darm stubby nozzle....plus I realized there would be no chance of my teenager doing it without loosing a quart of gas everytime.

    I was about to head to Lowes to look for some tubing to extend the nozzle when I figured I'd try to return these suckers to Walmart. To my surpise they would accept them.

    Lowes sold the same crap so I ran down to HD. Their design was a bit better so I emptied the gas from the Walmart cans to the HD cans (more spilt gas) and headed back to Walmart for my return.

    Walmart did refund my money. On the way out what do I see....a special Blitz accessory for gas cans....an extension tube for their stubby cans!

    I can just hear pop up their laughing at me. I probably splilled more gas with those damn techno cans that day than he splilled in his entire life with his paint thinner container and funnel!

  • quintus

    What you guys are missing is this: The new cans are designed NOT TO vent for two reasons.

    1. pollution
    2. The volatility of the NEW gas with 10% alcohol is such
    that the lighter constituents vent off very quickly
    causing the gas to go bad within days. By having
    non-venting cans those lighter compounds are not
    allowed to escape, thus preserving the fuel.
    I know they are a pain, but there is some logic behind their design.


  • chunker99

    I think what Quintus is missing is when you actually use one of these "cans" they leak all over making the pollution arguement moot. Logic? Sure. Just like the vapor recovery systems at the gas station. Designed to take the vapors back to the refinery. Right. Thanks US Government for looking out for us.

  • rosemallow

    Has anyone tried the NO Spill???

  • zoulas

    No Spill is the best. They actually sell spare parts for their systems, It really is no spill. Worth the $$

  • phil2448

    Turning the ventless cans into vented cans with a tire valve stem works pretty well for me. You take the core out of it and you have a screw on cap for the stem.

  • harry_wild

    Totally agree! These new polycarbonate gas containers are totally for the birds when you try to fill up you lawn mover. It just spills the gasoline all over lawn mover and some drips down to the ground.

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