sump pump water into rain barrel?

12 years ago

I guess the subject line says it all...

Moved into a new house recently and am starting my veggie gardens this year. We have a finished basement with sump pump that runs regularly when it rains (which we have had a good deal of lately). The previous owners installed interior french drains around (most of) the inside when they finished the basement. Originally they drained it directly into the sanitary system but at least in our area, by code you can't do that so the plumber replumbed it to go outside the house.

I would like to redirect the outlet into a rainbarrel to collect the output for use in the garden (right now it just kicks out off the foundation, but what considerations do I need to keep in mind before I do so? Do I need to treat with bleach and/or check PH occasionally? Ideally I will hook the rainbarrel into my gutters also.

Yes I'm checking through the old posts, haven't run into this variation of the question yet but don't want anyone to think I'm not looking already. :-D

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