My Violet Setup

May 22, 2013

Plants are under six 40 watt T-12 fixtures with one grolux wide spectrum type and one 5000K tube in each fixture at 36 inches above the plant tops. They are in either Oyama pots or Swift Moistrite planters in 1/2 Promix and 1/2 perlite.

Decided I had better post before the heat comes on and they melt!




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  • ultra_violet

    Most people have their lights closer to plant tops, but whatever works works and your setup is obviously working well. Very beautiful!

    Switching the black tarp for white might help your AVs keep their cool in summer temps.

  • wendycoo

    Could you post picture of your lights? How many hours are they on? That looks so pretty. Lovely plants.

  • terrilou

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  • bayard

    Thanks for your comments!

    WendyCoo - Lights are on for 10 hours. Here is the setup:



  • wendycoo

    Wow that is nice as you get to see and really enjoy all the violets as well as if they were on a window sill. Thank you for sharing.

  • elliewilbanks

    Your table is so neat, clean & beautiful. Do you find a difference in results between the Oyamas and the Moistrites? Does one edge out the other? Or have you found no appreciable difference between the two?

  • bayard

    Ellie -

    I like the Moist-rites because they take a long time between refills. They also keep the mix less moist than the Oyamas. I prefer to put all of my plants in them once they reach a good size.


  • 1JanetH

    Wow what beautiful plants and a lovely way to enjoy them all! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm completely new to the world of AVs and love my one little unnamed plant haha

    Happy Gardening!

  • 1beautylover2012

    Hi Bayard,
    Very very nice! I've seen your previous post which had a photo of your lamps. Could you, please, add this photo to this post? I want to look closely.

  • 1beautylover2012

    I want to show your plants on the Russian African Violets web sites and because it's very nice an interesting. It's not commercial, just forum like this. If you don't mind maybe you can send me your pictures to my personal e-mail address, please. Let me know.

  • ima_digger

    Beautiful setup and gorgeous violets. I love your setup. What are you feeding them, and how much, how often to get them all blooming at the same time. Do you have others that are not blooming? Is this just your 'show off' shelf. It's quite awesome. I wish mine would start to bloom. I think it's time jto re-pot and give them a boost. LOL

  • bayard

    Polina - Please click on my name or go to my page to send me an email.

    Ima_digger - I don't feed anything special, just 1/4 tsp per gallon of whatever is on hand. You can see some of the non-flowering plants in the photo above to the right, so not all bloom at the same time!

  • Peggy Bishop_McVay

    They are all beautiful. Where did you get the red bloomer ? I dont recall having ever seen one.

  • PRO

    There are lots of red blooming violets-Pow Wow, Plenty of Pepper, Golden Rubies to name just a few.


  • Peggy Bishop_McVay

    Thank you for the names. I am now in search of them. ; )

  • PRO

    There's lots more! I especially like Golden Rubies-red with a 'golden' edge. So pretty! Have fun searching!


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