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Kohler Courage with cracked block

10 years ago

I've discovered that my Kohler Courage engine (2006 build date) has developed a 2" crack at the top of the block near the ignition module. It lost some oil the other day after three hours of use, but only enough on the chassis to make me aware that oil was leaking from somewhere. Searching around various websites, I see it is/was a rather frequent problem in this series, along with the loosening of bolts in the cover plate.

Has Kohler ever offered a remedy, since it sounds like a problem on their end, or what have other owners done? I understand patching (JB Weld, etc., isn't a proper fix, but I'm tempted to try it for now. Thankfully, the heavy-use season is over.

I'd like to get some more service out of this tractor, as it's been satisfactory since I bought it new. The engine has 460 hours, all other parts, 525. (I just got it back from the shop this week after a pushrod/rocker arm repair, as I noted in a previous post)

Thanks, Ron

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