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Anthurium clarinervium

5 years ago

Hi there,

I have been reading the thread on growing aroids from seed. This is my plant that I have been growing for over 30 years. It is one of my favorite plants, easy to grow, no troubles with pests, and I think it is beautiful. I grow it as a houseplant, no greenhouse or tropical conditions. It does flower and sometimes produces clusters of berries. Last spring I decided to see if I could grow some seedlings. I was so surprised when the seeds all sprouted. And have grown into some cute miniatures of the mom.

Is there anyone out there interested in growing this plant?

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  • doesquared
    @barb can you send me some of those little plants? I can pay for them + shipping :)
  • barbmock

    The seedlings are way too small to ship. In time they will grow and I could send some out. They are really slow growing.

    Russ, I planted them in Pro Mix this time. I had to give them a spray of Bayer 3 in 1 because there was some kind of mold or something making a fuzzy growth. The seedlings were’t harmed. I would have liked the spagnum better, but didn’t have any.

  • petrushka

    nope, my humidity even in winter is at least 65%, but in summer it's 80% :), while outside the summers have been weird, often 40-45% RH only.

    but it's tented most of the time - so it has 80% humidity prolly year round. it's not terrarium conditions, but very like it.

    it's the light, Russ! and warmth. in FL (and south-est in general) the light is so bright even in the shade and with steady 90% RH and 90F most of the year! yah, they will speed up, of course...

    in any case , my plant was weak when I got it, it was the only one, so I risked buying it I wanted it quite badly after seeing Barb's ;).

    it lost most roots twice and regrew them - so that might explain how slow it is.

  • gardenfanatic2003

    Hey Barb,

    A couple questions - do you hand pollinate your anthurium? Mine develop the flower stalk but no seed pods. When I looked up how to pollinate the clarinerviums I found out that the female parts and the male parts aren't ready at the same time, so they almost have to be hand pollinated. I'd love to get some seeds from mine.

    Next question - I had mine outside over the summer, and a couple of my babies got damaged. I don't know if it was from the wind or a squirrel. The top growth was bent sideways, which caused them to snap off at the base, separating them almost entirely from their roots - just hanging on by a "string". This caused the leaves to start wilting. When I investigated and figured out what was going on, I went ahead and cut the "string", dipped them in rooting hormone, and put them in my propagation tank. Do you know if anthuriums will root this way?

    Petrushka - if your plants keep losing their roots, that sounds to me like they're too wet. Either the soil is too heavy, you water too often, or the pot is too big for the root system. But that definitely explains why the top growth is slow - a plant will only grow the amount of foliage that the roots can support.

    Russ - good to see you!! Can you post a pic of the plant that you're sharing the seeds for?


  • barbmock

    Hi Deanna,

    They must be self pollinating, my plants are grown inside the house. I don’t know much of anything about how to pollinate a plant, but it seems that as the plant gets older and produces a large inflorescence, it is more likely to produce seed.

    They do love to spend the summer outside, but I stopped putting mine out because the wind does beat them up. A protected porch is a good place for the summer. As far as I know, you can’t start one from a leaf. I have started them many times from stem cuttings. I usually have cut an older stem in sections and buried them horizontally. This works a lot better in the spring.

  • petrushka


    >> The top growth was bent sideways, which caused them to snap off at the base, separating them almost entirely from their roots - just hanging on by a "string". .. I went ahead and cut the "string", dipped them in rooting hormone, and put them in my propagation tank.

    yep, they should regrow the roots.

    my roots weren't wet - I snapped off the whole crown accidentally while packing the plant for transfer. there was may be 1-@ inch root left..

    so I just put it in moist NZ sphag , tented - it regrew roots while of course most leaves but 1 declined. I posted all of that above - but it's a long thread...

    so I guess, i'll have to repeat what happened.

    the 1st time the plant was growing in 3oz cup in pure sphag for 1 year and leaves were yellowing, even though I was feeding it.

    so I figured it's time to give it a new mix: I use jungle mix for most of my tropical that I mix myself. the mix was very light and the plant was tented and was in good light and warmth in FL..but! don't know why or how in just 1 month all roots rotted - just a couple 1 inch stubs I put it back in LF sphag and it regrew the roots just fine.

    so my experience with jungle mix for this particular plant was not good. but I did not want to keep it in sphag forever, as I water-wick most of my plants and sphag needs to be watered by hand...

    I am pretty experienced with rooting/potting /growing etc. I have many aroids

    wicked in jungle mix and doing fine for years.

    and I experiment until I find a solution ;).

    so, when roots regrew 2nd time I put it in large perlite with pieces of LF sphag mixed in , on a wick...and so it's growing like that. no peat/soil-mix at all. no bark, no coco-coir chips. all of my Anthuriums (and philos and ags grow long roots that trail into water reservoir - I never trim them (causes rot).

  • barbmock

    Deanna, I think I misunderstood you. When your plant broke off, was there a stem with it? If so you have a good cutting to restart, and the part in the soil should send up new shoots too. May take a while.

  • petrushka

    Barbara, do you usually have several inflos maturing on different stems or different plants?

    'cause as far as I know most Aroids have pollen maturing at a diff time in a closed chamber, so the self-pollination on the same inflo is not possible, but if you have several inflos maturing in staggered fashion - it is possible that they will cross-pollinate.

  • barbmock

    Hmmmm, it’s a possibility, but there are no insects crawling around on them. I will try to notice what’s going on next time. I am amazed that they are able to reproduce when they are indoors.

  • gardenfanatic2003

    Barb, I'm not sure about the terminology for aroids, but for lack of a better word, I'd say they broke off right under the crown - where the crown meets the roots. The crown had pushed up above the soil line - so between the weight of the top growth and the wind blowing them, two of them were bent over sideways.

    It seems like aroids always end up with what I'd call the crown of the plant above the soil as they grow. I was wondering if it's because as the bark in the soil breaks down, the soil line gets lower?? Is it okay when repotting to bury "the crown" to help prevent them from toppling over?


  • Russ1023 (central Fla)

    Barb, that fuzzy growth is common in my pots if they're in a closed container, I scrape it off the soil and open the container for some fresh air. I thought it might be mildew, same as a fungus. Pro Mix has been around forever, I've never even seen it but heard it's very good.

    Your anth's are apparently self-pollinating somehow, or you've had two inflo's open at the same time. It's hard to hold Mother Nature back from reproducing. I noticed the clarinervium you sent me has a small new inflorescence on it right now, odd time of year but I guess it was warm enough here prior to the freezes I've had recently.

    Deanna, good to talk to you. Regarding the crown, are you talking about bird-nest type anthuriums that grow in a rosette? I guess the soil could settle but I think they've probably just grown taller. If the growth above the soil line has aerial roots, it shouldn't hurt to bring the soil level up as long as you don't cover the growing tip. I'd keep it well below that. If the stem doesn't have aerial roots, I wouldn't cover it.

    If wind is a problem, consider putting some support next to the stem. I've used bamboo chopsticks for this on smaller plants, for bigger plants you might be able to find longer thin stakes at Lowe's or HD, bamboo or plastic would be ideal.

    Petrushka, I'm an experimenter too and have had better luck with anths in a chunky, loose potting mix than the finer commercial peat/bark mixes. The latter has been okay for anth seedlings and small plants, but thick roots on the larger anths have rotted easily in it. That long fiber sphagnum and perlite sounds like it would grow any aroid to perfection, interesting about your dangling roots in water, I'll bet they love it. My brother in the Miami area says his huge plants of Philo X Evansii around his pond grow big aerial roots into the water.


  • petrushka

    >> It seems like aroids always end up with what I'd call the crown of the plant above the soil as they grow.

    in the case of clarinervium and flowering anthuriums I was using the word 'crown' loosely to indicate the main growing stem from which the leaves grow in a's not like the crown of bird's nest anthuriums (the crown stays on the ground).

    naturally they grow in leaf litter either high up in the trees or on the ground buried in loose litter - so the stem elongates continuously to stay above the litter and grows aerial roots to stabilize itself vertically. in high humidity the roots elongate and can reach the ground (soil) and grow in.

    so for propagation purposes enclosing the young white just starting aerial roots with some loose moist stuff like sphag will encourage them to grow, then you can cut the stem and bury them in soil . but the cut stem can easily rot - happened to me sev times with flowering Anthuriums (Flamingo's Tail) - so I lost 2 of them when I replanted the cut off 'crown'. I tried to put cinnamon on it and/or cap it with bottle cap to prevent contact with soil, rooting powder ..what not... but nothing worked: it rotted the stem even in loose sphag.

  • regina phalange

    @barb hey do you still have some of these plants??I m really trying to find one!

  • barbmock

    Sorry, Regina. I don’thave any plants big enough to send out. My seedlings are very tiny. It takes a couple of years for them to get any size. You might try I see their photos on Facebook.

  • gardenfanatic2003

    I don't think the clarinervium is on the NSE Tropicals website, but you can email Enid and ask her if she has any available. I think with plants that she has small numbers of, she doesn't put them on the website.


  • barbmock

    Another one to try is Eldon Tropicals.

  • doesquared

    anyone have luck growing the plant from root cutting? when potting up, i broke a few roots.


  • barbmock

    I don’t think a plant can grow from a root. You can grow a plant from a section of the stem.

  • Amanda Mano

    Hi barb. I also live in NYC and just got my first anthurium clarinervium which happens to have a fertilized fruit on it! I am going to try to grow some from seed (this thread has been SUPER informative) but I don’t know what the fruit is supposed to look like when ripe. Would you mind sharing a pic of what yours have looked like when you harvested?

  • barbmock

    Hi Amanda,

    Lucky that you have the fruits to play around with. They sit for months before ripening, but you will know because those dark green berries turn bright orange. They need to be soaked in water and the orange pulp needs to be peeled away. I used a strawberry box to plant them. Long fiber sphagnum moss would be an ideal planting medium, or try some tropical plant mix.

    Have fun and be very patient. Post a picture of your plant!

  • Daniela

    Hi barbmock!
    By any chance do you have any pictures or videos of you starting plants from stems? I've never heard of this but i would love to try!

  • barbmock

    Hi Daniela,

    Here’s a picture of the stem of an older plant. Sometimes after a few or many years the plant grows too tall and falls over. You could of course grow it on some kind of pole or support. But what I do when it gets out of control, is cut it up in sections and plant them up with a dusting of Rootone. I don’t like to do this until I have too because many leaves are lost and it takes time to grow and look pretty again. The base of the plant will resprout with several shoots.

  • Daniela

    Wow! That's such a beautiful stem! A friend just sent me one the other day! I'm anxious waiting for it to arrive soon! I hope to propagate it as well to share with my friends :)

  • doesquared
    I think I have an inflorescence growing. How to I turn this into berries -> seeds -> more plants?
    Thank you.
  • barbmock

    You have a nice healthy looking plant, I am hoping you have drainage in that pot, and some airy soil. I add some orchid bark to mine. I really don’t think you will be getting any berries on that bloom. In 2 or 3 years your plant should be much stronger and will be able to produce some berries. The blooms will be much larger then.

  • barbmock

    Daniela, Good luck with your new plant.

  • barbmock


    Just another thought on making cuttings. Your cuttings will do so much better in spring and early summer. I do repotting and cuttings about this time of year. Show us your new plant when you get it.

  • petrushka

    i've been having problems with rooting other anthurims with similar long stem.

    tried cutting the tip about 6" with lots of aerial roots, middle without leaves but with aerial roots. just repotting the plant with healthy leaves/roots. they inevitably decline. tried rooting in pure long fiber sphag, or in perlite - rots no matter what.

    once repotted a healthy plant into the similar mix it was in roughly 1:1:1 of coco-chips, perlite and peat based african violet mix - that rotted too in 2! weeks while on heat mat and tented.

    currently i have a tip cutting sitting with small LF sphag wrap around the top aerials with a stem sitting in hydro set-up using just lava-rocks (scoria). it's just sitting for 2 months tented all the time (was on heat mat for 6weeks at the start). and still the leaves are drooping and the growth stopped (was a healthy blooming plant but with a rather long stalk).

    so i am running out of options to try.


    how long do your cut-up stems take to root? do any old leaves survive the process? when do they start to grow? do you get stem rot?

  • barbmock

    There is a wide variation in the time it takes to root. I have stopped trying these experiments anytime but spring and summer. I have never tented them. Rootone has worked for me, I don’t remember seeing any rotted cuttings. Maybe Clarinervium is less prone to rotting, I don’t know. Sometimes the cuttings will wilt for awhile, maybe several weeks, and then take hold. I think fresh moving air is a factor. My two large plants were looking a little sad and curled from sitting indoors so long. I have moved them outside on the back deck in the shade and I can see such an improvement. They love our summers here in Ga.

    i think your current cutting is gonna make it, just keep trying!

  • petrushka

    yes, i have other plants that perked up after being put outside..but i have mites there on the balcony, so i was always hesitant to put anthuriums or African masks there..

    i could try putting it out for a few weeks to see what happens..

  • doesquared

    @barbmock yes, it has drainage holes. will i need to repot the plant soon? if so, what is the best time to do so?

  • barbmock

    Doesquared, probably move it up one size this time next year.

    petrushka, what are these mites? Spidermites? I have only seen spidermites inside the house with dry heat. Btw, I didn’t answer one of your questions about cuttings. I do remove part of the leaves, but some stay on the plant and survive. What type of anthurium are you working with?

  • petrushka

    A. andreanum - the flowering hybrids. been loosing them steadily..the last one is barely holding on...They do fine so long as i don't try to repot them with bare-rooting. but when i get a new plant i just have to move it to a wicking mix - they sell them in peat usually.

    interestingly enough they do ok on the first repot, but when they get big with tall trunks, after that i just have a total failure on repot (with gigantic healthy roots!).

    i have spidermites in house :) too - in my west room even with a/c the temps can go up to 78F-80F. the tropicals are content though (it's my main small plant room) and even with 75% humidity mites love it! ...;(... i'm trying soil drench with azamax, but am afraid to spray indoors even in the shower, and balcony is super windy - so also is not doable. but they (mites) are very partial to only certain plants, so long as i shower them and spray with neem regularly i can control them.

  • Daniela

    He's here! He's finally here!!! I named him Arturo!

    short for Arturio

    My friend sent him without soil/pot. I placed him in this sized pot as I heard they like to be root bound? Is that OK?

  • barbmock

    Wow, What a nice plant!

  • Russ1023 (central Fla)

    Daniela, beautiful anthurium, did you receive this as clarinervium?

    Barb, the top lobes look very tight together, are your plants like this? Maybe this is just a variation.

    A. forgetii has close-together lobes like this, but I think it's leaf is a bit more stretched lengthwise.


  • barbmock

    Looks lik a perfect clarinervium to me. When it develops more of a stem the leaves will spread. This one must have been from an offset or cutting. Seedlings take sooo long to grow nice big leaves like this

    Daniela, did your friend start this from one of his or her plants?

  • Daniela

    If i had gotten a forgetii by mistake i would be so absolutely stoked! I think the leaves are too big to be a forgetii though :(

    And, my ex boyfriend sent it to me as a birthday present! He's not very into plants, but knows i've been searching high & low for this beauty! I can ask where he got if from if anyone is interested :)

  • W L

    @barbmock beautiful plants! would love to buy cuttings or baby plant from you. I live in NYC :) Can't find any at the moment. please let me know. thank you.

  • HU-492047495

    Hi there @barbmock. Your plant is so beautiful. I was wondering if I can buy some baby plants from you also. Thank you so much.

  • barbmock

    Sorry, I don’t have any available.

  • HU-492047495

    Thank you so much @barbmock for your quick response. Have a lovely night

  • HU-65776912

    Hi everyone, I absolutely love this anthurium and have been looking for this plant forever! Anyone has one they are willing to sell? It doesn't need to be large or anything. I live in California and will be happy to pay for shipping. Thank you!!

  • lmrostahoop
    Hi, even though its years later from your original post, I'm hoping you would still be willing and able to sell me a plant. thanks so much.
  • barbmock

    Sorry, I don’t have any spare plants. I know they are hard to find these days. Wish I did.

  • Heather Jensen

    I know this was from forever ago but they are on my want-list that's for sure!

  • barbmock

    I just saw some clarinervium plants for sale on Facebook. The seller is Asian Epiphytes in Houston.. i don’t know the price.

  • janaperry

    There are several sellers on Etsy. I just received my order. The selles is located In Hawaii. The plant arrives bare root but large healthy and amazin. it is pricy but I wanted it anyway. I am pleased

  • Preeti Thapa-D'souza

    For the love of plants! just amazing how this thread goes all the way back to 2015, with heavy contributions from Barb & Petruksha.

    It has been over a month imported 2 x Clarinervium placed them in a humidity dome with grow lights. But placed them out as the leaves started developing brown spots. I do not know think it is fungal as the roots look healthy.

    It has lost 2 leaves & the brown spotting seems to be increasing in presence.

    Already applied cinnamon earlier this week and treated with Spinosad & insecticidal soap a few days ago.

    The one I am most troubled about not experiencing any such issues with my other Anthuriums.

    Any thoughts you can share from experience?

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