Problem with amaryllis silhouette

15 years ago

I bought an amaryllis silhouette bulb over two years ago. This is a variegated type (green with a white stripe that runs down the midvein of the leaf) and is suppose to produce numerous pink flowers. Has anyone had experience with this variety because mine is not doing very well.

I planted it into a 5" pot and it took about 3-4 months for it to do anything. And then it was only to grow a 1" long leaf. By summertime (around 6-8 months after planting) it finally started putting up half decent leaves, but not so much as a peep of a flower. Now in its third winter there has still been no flowers and few leaves, many of which seem undersized (biggest leaf is perhaps 7" but most are much smaller). However, it has been busy multiplying with numerous bulbs (six including the original).

I have tried fertilizing and giving it excellent light (south facing bay window in winter and it goes outside in the summer), but it still grows weakly. It has now been demoted to a north window where it continues to not do much. I should mention that the original bulb was only 2", but all the silhouette bulbs I have seen have been that size. Is it just me, or is silhouette a hard variety to grow?

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