Tidora plants -this winter

9 years ago

For those who like to get some Tindora plants.

Though the Tropical Tindora plants grow rapidly in summer months.

Having fibrous /tuberous roots/Frost sensitiveness makes them some what difficult to maintain them in winter months. (Slow metabolism-survival mode).The unusually cold winter of this year made many to loose their plants.

Soil needs to be warm above 65 degrees with not more than 15 degrees difference in the day and night temp for the plant to develop new roots and grow up.

I dig them in the month of October/ November. bring some roots inside my home

As I do not have a sun room/ green house, I keep them in my family room with supplemental light (grow light).People when they travel/vacation etc if they turn off the heat, there will be losses.

If they use cold water from the tap, there will be losses. (Imagine taking a shower with unheated tapwater in winter months).

If they use cheap potting soil which will not hold moisture or it will not drain or if the pot does not have adequate drain holes the Plant will die.

Many northern states where the growing season is short with harsh winters they may grow the plant, but they will not have any yields.

If the soil does not have adequate phosphorous there will be plenty of leaves, but no Tindora fruits.

My Personal experiences with sharing the plants. 70% of the people for get saying Thanks or will not even will not even acknowledge that they received the package.

Many for get the plants are free, what they are spending is postage in the form of stamps.

Almost 100% in the initial e-mail will not mention which state they live in. (There is no point in sending to some one living in Maine or Wisconsin/.).

Some one says the shipping rate (10-80) for a medium size priority mail box is too high. [Probably they should use their bargaining skills with USPS or UPS).

Those received tindora plants last year-I hope they will start sharing them with others.

I will propagate them in May/ June. Probably in July I will have some to share. They are all dormant now. They are all free.

This years survivors in this winter season-Alabama-.Planted out side-- well mulched.Tuberose(lily Rajani gandha,Jasmine and night queen)

Causualities. Fire cracker flower(kanakambaram)

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