Tidora plants -this winter

April 3, 2011

For those who like to get some Tindora plants.

Though the Tropical Tindora plants grow rapidly in summer months.

Having fibrous /tuberous roots/Frost sensitiveness makes them some what difficult to maintain them in winter months. (Slow metabolism-survival mode).The unusually cold winter of this year made many to loose their plants.

Soil needs to be warm above 65 degrees with not more than 15 degrees difference in the day and night temp for the plant to develop new roots and grow up.

I dig them in the month of October/ November. bring some roots inside my home

As I do not have a sun room/ green house, I keep them in my family room with supplemental light (grow light).People when they travel/vacation etc if they turn off the heat, there will be losses.

If they use cold water from the tap, there will be losses. (Imagine taking a shower with unheated tapwater in winter months).

If they use cheap potting soil which will not hold moisture or it will not drain or if the pot does not have adequate drain holes the Plant will die.

Many northern states where the growing season is short with harsh winters they may grow the plant, but they will not have any yields.

If the soil does not have adequate phosphorous there will be plenty of leaves, but no Tindora fruits.

My Personal experiences with sharing the plants. 70% of the people for get saying Thanks or will not even will not even acknowledge that they received the package.

Many for get the plants are free, what they are spending is postage in the form of stamps.

Almost 100% in the initial e-mail will not mention which state they live in. (There is no point in sending to some one living in Maine or Wisconsin/.).

Some one says the shipping rate (10-80) for a medium size priority mail box is too high. [Probably they should use their bargaining skills with USPS or UPS).

Those received tindora plants last year-I hope they will start sharing them with others.

I will propagate them in May/ June. Probably in July I will have some to share. They are all dormant now. They are all free.

This years survivors in this winter season-Alabama-.Planted out side-- well mulched.Tuberose(lily Rajani gandha,Jasmine and night queen)

Causualities. Fire cracker flower(kanakambaram)

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  • matt_1

    Hello Eswar,

    I live in Chicago Illinois. I would like to get some tindora cuttings for this year when it is available. If you would let me know your address at that time I could send a priority mail box. we built a small 10x8 greenhouse last year to store tropical plants. Hope I could share the same like you do from next year on.

  • Lovingnature

    I would like to have some tindora rootstock if possible.
    I live in no. california. Please let me know.

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  • candravanka

    Dear Eswargaru,
    I saw your posting about Tindora (dondakaya in Telugu) plants. I have been looking for them since I moved here six months back. Pl send me some cuttings if you have any roots. I ordered some Turia,gongoora,different eggplants seeds from exotic seeds of India (NJ) but they have no Tindora or parwel. I would be very happy to pay the postage.Happy easter. thank you in advance.

  • vcrasta40

    I would like to have some tindoora roots if anyone has them to share. I live in Kentucky. Thanks.C

  • Pragna


    I would love get one tindora plant have been looking for it for years I live in NC

  • kkapasi

    Would be willing to pay postage if someone can send me a tindora plant - live in Texas so its time to plant

  • akhilag

    Hi Eshwar,
    I have Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Indian beans, egg plants, etc in my vege patch. I live in Dallas (Texas) and would like to have Tindora plant. Could you pls share 1 with me?

  • Preeta

    Hi Eshwar

    Can I have a tindora plant? I have been searching everywhere for one. I live in Atlanta. I can send a prepaid priority mail if you can send me your address. My emailid is

  • Surya0918

    Tindora seeds are available on, search for Ivy Gourd Seeds or Coccinia Grandis. I purchased the seeds for $6 with free shipping option, I received teh seeds from Thailand and also planted them in Pete pellets. My seeds germinated and I have two tiny plants now. I received 100 seeds for $6.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Tindora seeds on Amazon

  • xman


    I hope I am wrong, but I have the feeling that the seeds that you bought from Thailand are not the same as the tindora that has an Indian origin. Couple of years ago, I bought similar "Ivy Gourd Seeds or Coccinia Grandis" on ebay from a seller in Thailand. The seeds sprouted and the plants grew aggressively climbing over everthing. I had them for over 8 months but no flowers or fruit. They started growing over other plants I had choking them with their strong tendrils. The stems of these plants are like nylon wire, very strong. On doing research, I found that there are 2 or more types of Coccinia Grandis, and the tindora from India is called Coccinia Grandis Indica or something. Two totally different plants. The Coccinia Grandis is considered a weed in a lot of states, and is choking out a lot of native plants in Hawaii (google this).
    Compared to this, the Indian variety is very mild and dies down in winter if you are not careful. Usually propogated only through roots and cuttings. I have tried seeds from the Indian tindora mutiple times, but did not get any to sprout. Very easy to grow from cutting, just put the cuttings in water and they will root in 10 days.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Ivy Gourd Hawaii

  • browneyedsusan_gw

    I would love to have a tindora plant if you still have some to share. I will be glad to send you the postage or trade, if you find something on my list that you want. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and I think they will grow here. Please email me at

  • SR Iyer

    any body have the tindora plant to share for this season. i live in new jersey and would like to grow tindora plant this year.



  • aluvaboy

    I have tindora cuttings rooted and in plastic pots. I sell them for $10.00 each. I am at zip 10977. I cannot ship them. Can be picked up. I am in NY/NJ border close to Montvale NJ.

  • dkv21


    . I live in Dallas. I would like to get tindora stem for this summer. I made several attempts to plant Tindora plant but the plant never took off. If anyone in Dallas area have the plant then I can pick it up from your place.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Lakshmi Nagasamudra


    I feel so lucky to have found this link. i live in dublin California. Would like to do vegetable gardening for healthy living. If you have a tindora stem from last season, could you please share it with me? I can pay for the stem. My email is

    thanks in advance

  • Sunitha Gunti

    Hi Eshwar,I would love to have a tindora plant if you still have some to share? I have been searching everywhere for one. I
    live in Fremont, California. I can send a prepaid priority mail if you can share us
    your address. My email id is

  • Shi J

    Hi Eshwar, I would live in california. I would love to have the tindora stem. I can pay for the stem and shipping. Please let me know if you can send me one. My email is

  • dharanil_j

    Hello Eswar Garu, I do live in arizona, i like to have tindora stem, please give me your address to send the prepaid label to ship. My email id

  • patelsangitamd

    Hi Eswar.,

    Feel lucky to come across your link after much surfing on how to grow Tindola . As I live in Wisconsin the only way to grow I understand is from a stem cutting and bring the roots in for winter. I know this would be a great hassle for you, but would you be able to share a branch with me. We have a decent size Indian community, and I might be able to share likewise with the enthusiastic gardners in the coming years. Your efforts and generosity will be greatly appreciated.

  • Anil Patel

    HI Eswar,

    I am Glad come across your link after long search on how to grow
    Tindola and get a branch resouce. As I live in chicagoland. I understand is
    from a stem cutting and bring the roots in for winter. I know this would
    be a great hassle for you, but would you be able to share a branch
    with me. Your
    efforts and generosity will be greatly appreciated. my email is I can send prepaid UPS or USPS label at your preference.


  • Sumedha Arya

    Hello Eshwar,

    We just bought a new home and I love gardening. We have many plants which we started in our garden like bitter melon, tomatoes some other which will take years to give fruit like pomegranate, cherry, grape etc I was looking out for tindora cuttings and came across this thread, giving away free cuttings is a great job, really appreciate it. If you still have and could send us some would be really nice. Thanks in advance.

  • Radha Santhapuri

    Hi, I have Tindora plants for sale $15 + shipping&handling.

  • swap77

    Hi Radha I am interested I live in Cupertino California

  • jshriganesh

    Hi All

    I have one young tender Tindora Plant. More will be available in the future. Photo Below

    Contact if interested

  • go2lavanya

    Hi can I get tindora plant cutting please. I can pay the shipping.

  • maddalik

    Hi Eswar, I am a 80 year old person still active and moved from Atlanta to Maine. Since long time I was searching to get dondakaya plant. I appreciate if you can spare a stem cutting and my email is Please reply me. Thanks

  • Bala Murali

    I would like to get tindora cutting(s). Please email me & can pay shipping cost.

  • s_s_nookala

    Hello Eswar, I would like to get to tindora cuttings too. Please email how I can get it. Thanks

  • Surekha Doneparthi

    Eswar Garu,

    I have been looking for tindora cuttings for sometime now.not able to grow from seeds here in South Carolina.can I get cuttings ..if you have some I will pay for the cuttings .

  • vani vulisetti

    Eswar Garu,

    I have been looking for tindora cuttings or plant. Please let me know if you have any cuttings or plant.

  • sunhere

    I have some tindora plants, live in bay area. local only. Open to exchange with some other rare plants.

  • sskolpe

    I live in florida. Do you have any tindora plants. I am willing to pay for it. Thanks

  • amberspiderlily

    I live in Hudson County in NJ and I am looking for tindora plant. I also am located in Eastern PA in Lehigh County. If anyone has any plants nearby - I can pick up. I can also exchange some other plants that I have Email me.

  • krishi_2008 Sun

    sunhere, I am also in Bay area (Fremont). Pls let me know if you still have tinder plants

  • Sumedha Arya

    even iwant tindora plant Iam in fremont, CA

  • Luna Dsouza

    Hi do you still have cuttings available? If so, can I get a cutting from your plant? Really appreciate the help

  • Ashta T

    Hello Eshwar ! Great Post. I have recently started container gardening in my balcony and would love to add a tindora plant to my set. Please let me know if you still have some cuttings to share. I understand that I might need to send a prepaid label based on above comments. I live in Sunnyvale, CA. You could send me details @ Thanks in Advance !

  • Ashta T

    Hello sunhere,

    I have recently started container gardening
    in my balcony and would love to add a tindora plant to my set. Please
    let me know if you still have some cuttings to share. I live in
    Sunnyvale, CA. We could discuss any plants that I might have for exchange. You could write to me at

  • dharanil_j
    Asta T, i have and you can message at Facebook by searching PRAVANTHA BACKYARD GARDENS... if you really need tindoora plant
  • gayatri pot

    I live in Maryland. I appreciate if you can help me by providing tindora cutting. I can exchange for curry leaves plant or drum stick seeds or kanakambaram seeds. Please email me I contacted Pravantha, could not get it.

  • Luna Dsouza

    Check this out: -> The plant is available here but doesn't ship to California

  • ukrishna100

    I live in South Florida and have been looking for a while for male & female tindora/parwal cuting/root. Will send SASE.

  • S Swamy

    I would like to buy tindora roots or clippings if anyone willing to sell. Please contact me at sswamy 2001. gmail.

  • HU-913082211

    i would like to have tindora roots or cutting, please contact me on thank you.

  • kishor

    Are you still looking for tindora cuttings? I will have some in a week or two.

  • krishi_2008 Sun

    kishor, I would like to get tinder cuttings

  • Surekha Doneparthi

    Yes..I would like to have some .Do email me to with details please.

  • Manoj Jacob

    Hi Eswar,

    Do you still have cuttings? I would like to have some. I am in NJ.

  • Bapiraju Yarlagadda

    @Kishor, Could you let me know how to reach you?

  • Manoj Jacob

    Hi All,

    Anyone has bitter gourd ( Paval, Karelia) seedlings? I am in NJ.


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