Kadota Fig

March 24, 2006

Does anyone have this in their yard? What does the tree look like? I want to have a Fig tree in my backyard but need a better idea of what this variety looks like and how much room it takes up. Now is a good time to plant them right?


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  • jimdaz

    Randy, Kodota's are wonderful figs. The size is listed at 8' x 8', but I think it would be larger. Maybe not in your area. The White Kodota has a great flavor, and makes good preserves. You might also consider "Brown Turkey". That is what I have, and is about 15' tall. Does well in cold zones of Phoenix, and should be ok where you are. To be honest, I do prefer the flavor of Kodota over Brown Turkey. But, only my opinion.

  • Zill

    I have a Kadota in the back & love it. I'm in an old area of Phoenix, and sometime in the past it was cut down. It grew new trunks and at the time I moved in, it was about 12' x 12'. Give it regular water & it will reward you with plentiful, sweet fruit. One thing I like about it is that when almost ripe, it exudes a drop of "honey" from the bottom of the fruit -- this prevents invasion by ants and other insects. I also have a Brown Turkey and a potted Black Jack, and both are tasty, as well.

  • nina_gretta

    I have a brown turkey fig that took a pretty hard freeze this year. So far i don't see any groth should I be worried?

  • mingtea

    glad i'm reading this conversation...

    how much water do figs need in the summertime here? i walk along some rental properties on my way to work at the UA and there is an old established fig that i'm sure gets watered very rarely. it's just now starting to leaf out.
    when i went to home depot to ask about fig varieties, the fellow there informed me that a fig will probably take up more water than anything in my yard. is this true? they currently have black mission and brown turkey.
    i'm not worried about cold tolerance--they did just find in oregon. i want to keep my yard water efficient, and would like some input about water consumption.

    thanks all,

  • Zill

    ming: In the middle of summer, I try to make sure the Kadota gets water every third day. Tho this is usually the overspill from the datura and Tacoma beds.

  • tspagg

    My Mission Fig is about 15 feet high with a 12 to 15 foot spread. It is the best tree in my yard, producing large grape type leaves and constant fruit when it is not cold. It is frost tolerent and requires moderate water. This tree is about 8 years old and it required frequent training to keep it out of a pathway. This tree inspired us to buy a few more rarer varieties. This is the first year for our Zebra Fig, which produces a brilliant green fruit with red stripes and a brilliant red pulp. We also got a chinese white fig from the rare fruit growers sale last fall.

    Terry in Scottsdale

  • jimdaz


    Both those figs sound very interesting. Keep us posted how they do.

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