Adding plastic straws to a hole in a post for bees?


My first time visiting this forum. Glad to see so many people interested in bees. :-) I enjoy bees and would love to have a hive, but I am not going to be able to do that. So I wondered if there was any alternative to a bee hive. I saw the mason bee houses in a catalog and considered that. Then I had an idea. We are installing an outdoor retractable clothesline and I have an old fen*ce post that has the two holes in it for the panels to fit into and I wondered if I could set that up somehow to house bees. Plastic straws would work I think, but I see from some read*ing here that plastic creates some problems. So is there any way I can adapt this old fen*ce post to house bees?

Also, I see talk of cleaning out the houses and wintering over bees in the house. Not sure why this is all necessary and wondering why you can't just provide a house and let them work out the rest on their own.


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