Dead & live bees in apartment

15 years ago

I returned to my apartment last night to something very bizarre: there were a couple dozen bees in my kitchen, most of them dead. I found 9 dead bees on the floor, one dead bee on the counter near the sink, 6 dead bees on the windowsill, and about 8 dead bees in the metal track where the sliding window rests. There was one live bee crawling on the windowsill, which I promptly killed. This morning I was in the kitchen when I became aware of a live bee crawling on me; it flew away toward the living room.

I looked at the kitchen window outside my apartment to see if there were any bees or bee hives near it, and I didn't see any.

I would like to know if anyone out there has heard of such a thing. I have lived in this apartment for 15 years and usually leave the kitchen window open because I live in a warm climate. Occasionally, I will find a single dead bee on the windowsill.

There are no trees or plants near the window. Until two years ago, there was a tree outside the window that had red bottlebrush-like, spiky things that attracted bees, but it was removed by the apartment management. I don't have any live plants inside my apartment, either.

The water in my apartment complex (four buildings, about 300 residents) was shut off for most of the weekend, and I wonder if that would have anything to do with the bee situation in my apartment.

There was a bee hive near the front of the apartment complex that was removed about a couple of months ago. My building is in the rear of the complex.

I would like to know 1) possible reasons why this occurred, and 2) what can I do to get rid of the live bees (besides closing the window)? I don't have any insecticides, nor do I want to use any in the kitchen.

Any advice you can give will be most appreciated. Thank you!

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