aggressive ground bees

15 years ago

We have recently been bothered by some small bees (honey bee size) nesting possibly under the foundation of our shed. I disturbed the area one day while weeding and was set upon by a single bee. Since that time we have been 'attacked' by solitary bees on 3 occasions. They have flown right at us, about 4-5 feet off the ground, forcing defensive manoeuvers. I have been stung on the neck and had one buzz into the top of my head from behind. Fortunately I have hair! After these encounters we now come into the house and go out another door to sit in a different part of the garden. How strange to have one's leisure time controled by a small bee! These bees enter their tunnels from behind dense foliage, hence not on bare open ground as one might expect. Anyone else experiencing this? I am in south-eastern Ontario.

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