Seed-Grown Amaryllis - Are blooms the same or different?

13 years ago

Please forgive me if this question has been asked before. I've been searching on google but I can only find results of people asking about how to grow the seeds.

I have a friend who grew a batch of Amaryllis seeds a few years ago and none of them have bloomed yet. He said a friend self-pollinated her red Amaryllis (She has a couple so it may not be "self-pollination") and he just expects a bunch of red blooms to come. He's a sucker for growing things from seeds!

I'm curious to know if the blooms are usually the same or if there's a possibility that they can be different?

If an Amaryllis is self-pollinated (Is that possible? Or only pollination between two of the same colored plants?), Are the blooms the same or do grandparents still play a part in the offspring?

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