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Need Hybridization Help w/ Cryptanthus

12 years ago

Hi there. I have recently been setting up a nice plant & frog room for myself, and also with the hopes to start a business at some point down the line. One kind of bromeliad I'm really focusing on, and have gotten a number of starter plants of is cryptanthus. I really want to hybrid my own. I bet that feeling is just amazing. Anyways out of the first few cryptanthus I ever got I have two that are blooming. So I rubbed their flowers together, after they were married of course, and now am waiting. Here's where I need help:

I've heard you have to kind of tear the plant up to get where the seeds are. How do I do this, and how do I know if either one was even successfully pollinated? How long do I wait? I basically need to know everything.

I am pretty confident I did step one right: Rub the flowers together. But, as stated, I am just not really sure all that comes next.....

Also, when/if I do finally get viable seeds, what's the best to germinate them? In a container, like an aquarium, with a heating pad beneath it, and coco fibre as a growing medium w/ perhaps a little shredded sphagnum? What's their germination time? And how about light? 12/12?

Ok, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

And I'm glad I found gardenweb, which was just today. So being here for the first time, I'll say hi too: HI!


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