Hippeastrum with no roots

11 years ago

If i repot my amaryllis bulbs that have no roots and don't water them for weeks will they produce roots? I have read in a book that specializes in hippeastrum that when they aren't watered for enough time they will be more likely to produce roots, do you agree? I don't want to use rooting hormones because i already did with these bulbs and for 6 weeks straight no roots and i watered them once (1) a week.

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  • larschar

    Absolutely! That will really help root production. Over-watering when the roots aren't present can result in rot. The little buggers will send out roots in search of water. Give it a shot! I'm sure you'll see results.

  • jodik_gw

    Another thing that may help is bottom heat... I use a small heating pad made for plants, bought at Harbor Freight, for my bulbs that are reluctant to root. I find it helps in most cases.

  • beachplant

    I had to move several after the storm, they were in full sun and not liking it. One of them I know has been there for at least 2 years. It blooms every year. Didn't have a single root on it. I planted it in another spot, it's sending up new leaves. The bulb was nice and healthy, none of the others were without roots. I'm not sure what's up with it but will just let it be.
    Tally HO!

  • larschar

    That blows my mind about the bloomer sans roots. That gives me so much hope for my Grand Cru who only has one live root :-)

  • jodik_gw

    They'll send out roots when the time is right and the environment is right. When I get a reluctant root-er, so to speak, I use a bit of rooting hormone powder on the basal plate, and also stick the pot on the heating pad. I find that keeping plants that are rooting out of direct sun helps, too, so they can focus on producing roots and not top growth.

  • Barb Bradley

    Will a bulb grow if no roots at all?

  • Brian Sakamoto (10a, CA, USA)

    Barb Bradley a bulb will flower without roots but not grow bigger without roots. Leaves looking for sunlight are accompnied by root growth that seeks moisture and nutrients.

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