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Transplanting a grapefruit tree

March 19, 2009

Hello all. Under my grandparent's 30 year old Ruby Grapefruit tree in Arizona there were several baby trees, each about 15" tall. I dug up two of them (most of the soil fell off the roots which I wrapped in a damp towel and put into a ziplock), and Fed-exed them to my home in Los Angeles. I flew home the same day and transplanted the two trees into 2 large clay pots with outdoor planting soil and packed the soil well. I then watered them down.

Am I doing this right? I have planted a couple of lemon trees that were 4 years old that came from pots into my yard. But going from a naturally grown young tree in the ground to a pot and then someday I hope to put in the ground...is this the best method?

We just sold my grandparent's house and i LOVED that tree, so this is my way to keep those grapefruits alive.

Thanks for any insight.


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  • birdsnblooms

    Shaun. This is a very difficult question to answer.
    When a plant is potted in Clay, soil dries out must faster.
    Did you say these pots were previously used? If not, I hope you soaked them..new clay absorbs water. In some cases, when watered, roots don't get enough water because of clay.

    Garden soil. Was the soil dug from your garden? Most garden soils are either too heavy, too sandy, etc. Garden soil should be baked to rid disease, insects and weeds.
    Is the soil well=draining? When you watered, did water absorb in the soil or linger on top? Toni

  • meyermike_1micha

    I would go to your local nusery a.s.a.p., and ask them what type of soil they pot theirs in and grab some...

    Those questions toni asked are good ones! If you can say no to well draining, and yes to linger on top, then your tree will be dead as fast as you can blink an eye..:-(

    If your looking for a long term potting mix, and plan on keeping the tree in a container for a while, then I would go to the "container forums" and look for what best suits you for your growing area.

    Happy growing..


  • silica

    First of all when you dug up a citrus tree in Arizonia, and shipped it to California by Fed Ex,you broke the law. It is illegal to ship citrus trees into the state of California. I suspect the reason you sent it via Fed Ex, instead of bringing the tree with you when you flew back to California, is because you knew it was illegal. If I knew who you were, I would report you to the authorieties.

  • acamb_yahoo_com

    @ Silica, if you want to be a busy body, stay in California. Citrus Snob.

  • mksmth zone 7a Tulsa Oklahoma

    you do realize this thread is almost a year old.

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