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HostUs 7 Igor Uspenskiy Gardens, Russia

10 years ago

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Pinus mugo mughus

Pinus mugo sp.

Pinus parviflora Negishii

Pinus parviflora Tani-mano-uki

Pinus parviflora Tani-mano-uki

Pinus peuce Daniel

Pinus peuce Glauca

Pinus peuce

Pinus ponderosa Agnieszka

Pinus ponderosa Pendula

Pinus pseudopumilio Maja

Pinus pseudopumilio Snehurka

Pinus pumila Draijers Dwarf

Pinus pumila Jeddeloh

Pinus rotundata Fritsche

Pinus rotundata Kvaca

Pinus strobus Aurea

Pinus strobus Green Curls

Pinus strobus Pendula

Pinus strobus Prazska Zahrada

Pinus strobus Wendy

Pinus sylvestris Candlelight

Pinus sylvestris Chantry Blue

Pinus sylvestris Doone Valley

Pinus sylvestris Jakutsk

Pinus sylvestris Moseri

Pinus sylvestris Trollguld

Pinus sylvestris Watereri

Pinus sylvestris Fritsche

Pinus uncinata Bobek

Pinus uncinata Borkovice

Pinus rotundata Jezek

Pinus wallichiana Densa Hill

Taxus baccata David

Taxus media x Hicksii

Thuja occidentalis Brobecks Tower

Thuja occidentalis Zmatlik

Thuja occidentalis Golden Tuffet

Thuja occidentalis Malonyana Holub

Thuja occidentalis Malonyana Holub

Thuja occidentalis Spiralis Mini

Thuja occidentalis

Tsuga canadensis Aurea

Tsuga canadensis Coles Prostrate

Tsuga canadensis Essex

Tsuga canadensis Gentsch White

Tsuga canadensis Horstmann

Tsuga canadensis Jeddeloh

Tsuga canadensis Popeleski Dwarf

Tsuga canadensis Stockmans Dwarf

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Zsolt & Igor

Comments (2)

  • severnside
    10 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Magnificent pictures of these specimens.

  • dcsteg
    10 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    All beautiful cultivars. Very healthy with great color.