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Expedition Simanek to the Dachstein

Pinus cembra "online" transmission

The last weekend the Simanek Family went back again to the Alps, to Dachstein massiv and Stoderzinken area.

The Stoderzinken has a special role in the Cembra history.

In 1996 Franz Etzelstorfer was there first. He was going to discover brooms, as he tried to follow Gunther Horstmann's earlier discovery trails. This year he came back with 3 cembra brooms (Stoderzinken 1, 2 and 3). Next year he found further two brooms alone (Stoderzinken 4, 5).

Frantisek Borovec of Cesko joined to Franz in 1998, who found also 3 brooms (SToderzinken 6, 7 and 8).

In 2000 Franz found a new one there (Stoderzwerg)

As the brooms were growing in the next years, they became known for gardeners and collectors. After a decade in 2010 Zdenek Novak found the Stoderzinken 9, and finally last week the Simanek Family organized a discovery tour there.

The expedition became very successful, they found 3 new brooms in higher elevations.

Dachstein top Simanek CZ photo

Top is over 3000 meters.

Dachstein Stoderzinken area Simanek CZ photo

Dachstein Stoderzinken peak Simanek CZ photo

Pinus cembra Dachsteiblick Simanek CZ photo

Found by Milan Simanek CZ

Pinus cembra Star Simanek CZ photo

Found and harvested by Milan Simanek CZ

Pinus cembra Star Simanek CZ photo

Pinus cembra Star Simanek CZ photo

Pinus cembra Zwilling Simanek CZ photo

Found by Lady Lenka

Happy end Simanek CZ photo

Both of them found new brooms that day.

Zsolt, Lenka, Milan

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  • ireena (zone 5-6)
    9 years ago

    The lucky finders! Congrats and happy for you.

    My husband and I also found two WB recently (Pinus sylvestris). Although not on the Alps, but right here, close to our home:) Last summer we drove through the Austrian and Italian Alps. Now you inspire me on the next our Austrian drive walk through the forest too:)).