homemade fruit liqueurs

14 years ago

Does anyone make their own fruit liqueurs?

I have for many years. I was recently asked for the recipe and I thought I would share them with you all.

In a glass jar place fruit and vodka (or gin) and sugar. Every day flip the jar back and forth to mix the sugar into the solution. Strain and use after 3 months. Gin will give kind of a lemony taste so I prefer to use vodka.


Raspberry Liqueur

4 cups whole fresh raspberries

3 cups vodka

3 cups sugar

Cranberry Liqueur

3 cups fresh wild cranberries

2 3/4 cups vodka

2 cups sugar

Black Currant Liqueur

1 1/2 cups fresh black currants

1 1/8 cups vodka

1 3/8 cups sugar

Chokecherry Liqueur

4 cups fresh chokecherries

3 cups vodka

3 cups sugar

Nanking Cherry Liqueur

4 cups fresh nanking cherries

3 cups vodka

3 cups sugar

Strawberry Liqueur

4 cups fresh strawberries (prefer to use real homegrown ones)

3 cups vodka

3 cups sugar

Still many other fruits out in my garden to try, like gooseberries, red currants, crabapples and saskatoons. Don't know whether plum or rhubarb would be okay, never tried them either.

Enjoy the ones you make! (Just a sip at a time though. :)


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