Systemic Insecticides for Spider Mites....?

7 years ago

The question about "to do or not to do" systemic insecticide has been raised on several threads on several different forums over the years. Good info but alot of variation of opinions. I'm raising the question to you guys, because, frankly, this just happens to be my favorite forum.

I've had great success growing things in my greenhouse over the winter, and I've always been a good houseplant person....but every single winter I am plagued with spider mites. (I know most people find these little buggers troublesome.) In the house I've gotten by with just spot spraying individual plants when they come down with them. It never gets rid of them, but controls them until summer when they all go outside and the mites seem to take a natural hiatus.

In the past I've used this method in my greenhouse, too, but most of my plants in the past have admittedly struggled anyway. Not so this year. When I set it up this past fall, alot....and I mean alot of spiders came in with me. (Yikes...I'm afraid of spiders) They have been helping keep the bug population...(even aphids and fungus gnats) under control. Except the mites. Man, the mites are an explosive epidemic this year. So I've been spot spraying individual plants, and it helps...but not much. I just broke down and ordered Avid. (Yeah, yeah...I know it's nasty stuff...but I consider myself smart enough to follow directions on the label so I'm not afraid to use it.) But before I do, I'm tossing around the idea of trying systemic insecticide to plant water first.

What is you-all's opinion on this stuff? It's going on ornamentals, and I do not intend to use it when it's nearing time to go outside, so that pollinating bees won't be affected by the pollen. And do you think all my spiders will croak if they eat things that have been poisoned by feeding on the poisoned plant? (I'm sure the Avid will kill them anyway.) It's kinda weird...I hate spiders, but they've sure been handy in the long as they don't hop on me and make me do the crazy-dance.

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