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A warning about the Bayernfeige Violetta.

14 years ago

A nursery in Belgium offered, some years ago, among several different fig varieties, one called "brune de Turquie", French translation of the in English "brown Turkey".

One of his German customers bought this cultivar then, very pleased with the varietyÂs results, renamed it and apparently registered the new denomination.

But even if you change the name, the substance remains the same, even with a registered name the Violetta is nothing else than an "English" brown turkey.

Just to let you know the rest of the story, the Belgian nursery, having seen the commercial success of a simple action of redenomination, decided to do the same: "brune de Turquie" became "grosse brune dÂEnghien". Having done that, they did not change the photo in the web catalogue (I still have the page showing the brune de Turquie). This cultivar has disappeared from those pages, and has been replaced now by the "grosse brune dÂEnghien", qualified as to be a very special selection of the nursery and represented by the same old photo.

This information comes from a very, very reliable source, someone well known, in Europe and in the world, for his love for the ficus carica.

Comments (5)

  • axier - Z10, Basque Country (Spain)
    14 years ago

    Thank you for the info.

    Aside from questionable marketing tactics of some nurseries, is it legal to register a "public" variety?

    I understand that someone in a breading program patents a new variety, but a variety like "Brunswick", "English brown Turkey" or similar, can anyone do it only changing the name?

  • herman2_gw
    14 years ago

    Hi Viadei:And Thank you for the information:
    I have noticed this one myself in my Fig trial row,but many people remain sceptics about it.
    The trouble is that Violetta is patented in 2002,here in USA,so it will be a long time till expire.
    It is true It is amasing:If it walk like a duck,if it quak like a duck,and if it swims like a duck it should be a duck.
    I will grow it a few more years and see if it is any difference.
    The Baiernfeige say that their tree is more productive and with larger figs when grown one next to the other.

    Peace be with them

  • espo8
    14 years ago

    Hi,I don't know if a fig tree can be more productive or make larger size fruit than the English Brown Turkey. Herman please remember to let us know after your compare the two trees, I'm curious.Also I'll post some pictures of the ripe main crop.

    Stay well, Anthony

  • cledro
    12 years ago

    In the 1930's my grandfather planted a fig tree in our family property in the low montains (Jura) of Switzerland. The climate is very hard there but this fig tree had always lots of fruits. No one knew the name of this tree. When I set up near Paris (France) I took a branch of this fig tree and planted it in my garden where it has lots of fruits too. I searched everywhere the name of this fig tree but didn't find it. Now my brother discovered the advertisment for the "Grosse Brune d'Enghien" which correspond to the fig tree we have. From this point I found this fig forum. So I can confirm that this type of fig was already growing in Europe before WWII without any name.

    What is to point out is that in my parents garden we had only one harvest in July. From the tree I have in the Paris area I have one harvest in July with large brown pear-shaped fruits and one in October with small purple/blue round fruits.

  • Azizan
    7 years ago


    How is your fig tree in Paris? I will be going to Paris in April. Would be nice if I can bring back some cuttings.