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Telekia speciosa- looking for information

16 years ago

Hi all

I bought a peony through our local horticulture club and when I recieved it there was another plant with it. It was a giveaway (I like these :o), lol) that I guess someone had too many of. On the tag with the plant it reads: Telekia Speciosa, Giant Ox Eye. Does anyone know what this plant requires to grow or anything else about the plant?

Cheers Al

Comments (3)

  • northspruce
    16 years ago

    Hi Al,

    Since I have my encyclopedia out... LOL.

    "Genus of summer-flowering perennials, grown for their bold foliage and large flower heads. Fully hardy. Grows in sun or shade and in moist soil. Propagate by division in spring or by seed in autumn. H 4-5ft. S 3-4 ft. Green leaves are heart-shaped at the base of the plant, oval on stems. In late summer, branched stems bear large, daisylike rich gold flower heads."

    That's cheating by looking it up, sorry I don't grow it. Good deal getting it free! :-)

  • luv2gro
    16 years ago

    Hi Al

    I bought seeds for this from Gardens North in the spring. Thanks for reminding me. I have to get them planted into my seedbed right away.

    They do have a picture on their website in the perennials catalogue, but the height they state is 90 cm. which is 35 1/2". I wasn't planning on a 4 - 5' plant. Thanks for the heads up on that, Gillian.

    I'd be a bit more interested on any other information anyone can pass along about this plant, too.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Gardens North site

  • Crazy_Gardener
    16 years ago

    I hope they'll be hardy here in our zone, I wintersowed some on April 8th and they germinated April 24th, although no blooms this year, just the heart-shaped leaves this year.

    I have mine growing in full sun, look forward to seeing them put on a grand show next year. Can't wait ;)