Oiling results

13 years ago

Since I have never gotten an editable fig off my tree before and since winter is coming up fast I decided to take a chance and started oiling a few of my figs.

What I did was to take a little extra virgin olive oil and put it in a ramikin. I then took a round toothpick and dipped it in the oil. I then touched the oil stained side of the toothpick to the eye of the fig. That was it.

I have to admit that I thought people who suggest this method for figs were crazy. What would less than a tenth of a drop of oil do?

Well, it does a lot. Tomorrow will make one week and the figs have at least doubled in size (perhaps tripled). I itnentionally did not oil most of the figs (including some on the same branch) for the control of the experament. As of today (day 6) all of the oiled figs are starting to show a distinct color shift from green to purple. The un-oiled figs... well... just one word for it... NOTHING.

I oiled a few more figs today (making sure that I still had some left alone just in case they decide to do anything)

I would post pictures but I don't have a digital camera yet. We are looking at getting one at the end of the month, if we do and I figure out how to use it, I will post some of my control and oiled figs.


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