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Vallecalda and Valle Negra question

September 29, 2010

Hello Giuseppe and Sergio:

Here are photos of my Vallecalda di Borgofornari fig tree.

It bore numerous late figs which will not ripen in time this season because of it's young age.

My question is, I recieved this tree several years ago from a well known forum member. Giuseppe, are these the same leaves as your Valle Negra tree?

Sergio, can you confirm that these are the same leaves as your Vallecalda di Borgofornari tree? Do the immature figs on my tree look like those representing the Vallecalda?

Thank you both for your opinions.


Comments (11)

  • italiangirl74

    Leone, look very very similar to my Valle negra!

    Valle Negra-black valley
    valle calda- hot valley

  • dieseler

    Those leaves remind me of mine and neighbors
    Violet de Bordeaux plant not that it is but leaves look like that. Have pictures if needed with fruit at that age and ripe fruit from this season as well.

  • italiangirl74

    Ciao Martin, my VN is similar, Not the fig in question, to violette de bordeaux, but when my valle negra fruits ripe, they are not the same as bordeaux, I was to take pics of VN ripe but my camera had not battery that day, just keept blinking red light and couldn't find new battery, I couldn't wait so I eat them. This Valle calda seem very similar as well to VN! VN was very very tasty, if this is a relation, it will be as well.

  • alb419_ny

    those are Valle Negra leaves.Love this tree,mine did ripe all the figs this year and for my taste this tree produces
    delicious figs better that my Negronne,but my Carrapipe Nera has better taste that V.N.Please contact me if you need cuttings.Ciao,

  • alb419_ny

    Valle Negra and Valle Calda,could be two different fig varieties,but yours is Valle Negra.Ciao,

  • sergnic

    Hello my friends:
    I've discussed with Joe (Giuseppe) about it, I thought about the past events and now I think that Vallenegra is plant DIFFERENT to Vallecalda (Piombinese).
    Next I'll send to JOE a messaqge for this.
    The fact is that many times I found a lot of unknown varieties, that I've named in the fact "informally".
    Now I think from where comes the variety, but now is good to wait the description.
    If this is the variety that I suppose I have not even tasted a lot. I just tasted one, but Joe says it's entusiast.
    I think instead Vallecalda (Piombinese) is perhaps better also if it is a bit "raw".

    The images you've attached are equal to my Vallecalda.
    Second figs are less signifiant, if climate is not hot.
    Interesting are breba, big, long shaped (long oval) dark blue, and with white (twoo three) stripes.
    IN ALL CASES removing "seconds" in the end of summer when small (if do not ripen) you increases the quantity and quality of following next year brebas.
    Vallecalda (breba) are also rather robust to wheather.

    I'm curious about description of Valle Negra, overall for comparate with that variety that I think is.

  • sergnic

    In syntesis: Vallecalda is unmistakable, figs (breba) are big, long and dark blue with white stripes
    Leaves are frequently similar...

  • leon_edmond

    Thank you Sergio for your description.
    If possible, would like to see a photo of Giuseppe's Valle Negra leaves.
    Maggie and Giuseppe, how big do the Valle Negra figs get in comparison to other varieties?

  • alb419_ny

    Martin has Maggie`s video in one of his post.Please go to
    page number three look for Members Video by dieseler dated September 10 and you will see Valle Negra a medium size fig and a nice looking plant,that came from Sergio.Ciao,

  • questionesse

    Guys, I'm kind of confused with the valle negra and valle calda.
    So the leaves can be similar?
    Anyone got pix of the fruits next to each other to differentiate?

  • jersey21

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in Valle negra cuttings. I'm not sure how to go about this...do I leave an email address? Please advise. Thx


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