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potting mix for geranium

13 years ago

Hope someone can answer my questions. Is Miracle-Gro potting mix with the .21 nitrogen, .07 phosphate, and .14 potash a good soil to bring geraniums into bloom? That is the only kind of Miracle grow I am able to get.

My geraniums have had a rough winter. Now the foliage is looking pretty good on them but when I took them out of their pots they did not have very much for roots and I know they need to be pot bound to bloom, so guess I will need to put them in smaller pots.

If I put them in smaller pots, give them different soil, and put them under grow lights, do you think it would be possible to force them to bud and bloom by April 17? Probably asking too much. What do you think. Thanks for any advice.

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