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Identifying Artabotrys Hexapetalus

July 12, 2012

Hi all,

I bought this Artabotrys Hexapetalus vine from Gardino Nursery.After looking at Topttropicals nursery ,I am doubting whether it is really Artabotrys Hexapetalus. . I am attaching the photo of my plant.Flowers from their site is different from gardino nursery

Could someone verify what Ylang Ylang I bought please

Thank Raji

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  • bunti


    This is artabotrys. I have got one from gardino, 3 years ago. still it didn't bloom. Waiting for it to bloom.

  • rajiram

    Hi Bunti,
    Does your plant's leaves looks like one in the photo above.I am attaching this photo from Topttropicals. This is how they look . I have seen them in India.
    Thank you

  • kemistry

    Hi Raji, yes just like what Bunti said, yours is an Artabotrys.

    A. Hexapetalus and A. Siamensis look similar to my eyes. I believe the best way to tell the difference is by comparing the fragrance. Gardino is a reputable nursery so I'm 99% sure yours is an Hexapetalus. :)

  • rajiram

    Thank you Kemistry.

  • fenius

    Hi kemistry, you know what's the difference in their fragrance then?? Please share!

  • rajiram

    Hi Kemistry,
    Is your Hexapetulus blooming?

  • sunpetal

    What is the difference between the Artabotrys Hexapetalus and the ARTABOTRYS SIAMENSIS, I'm confused now I don't know which one I have? What is the difference in scent of flowers etc?

  • Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

    fenius and sunpetal,

    I don't grow any artabotrys but TT has an article you might find helpful.
    GW will not let me post a link to the aricle but if you look up Artabotrys Hexapetalus on their site it will offer a link to the aricle that gives info on the different related species.


  • Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

    The name of the article is 'Fragrant Plants of Annonaceae Family'.
    If you do a Google search it's first thing that pops up so it should be easy to find. :)


  • bunti

    This is the responses I have got from thailand grower.

    both plant have a similary of flower and leave but you can separate each species by;

    Artabotrys hexapetalus (kadunka jeen) leaf thick, young bud without hair
    Artabotrys siamensis (Karaweg) leaf thin, densly hair cover along young bud,

    I have attached file photo differect point to show you

    Artabotrys hexapetulus

    Artabotrys Siamensis

  • sunpetal

    I wonder if the scents are different? Does anyone know which one I have by looking at my picture, I would think my leaves are thinner, not thick like my Michelia Alba.

  • sunpetal

    I wonder if the scents are different? Does anyone know which one I have by looking at my picture, I would think my leaves are thinner, not thick like my Michelia Alba.

  • botaniphile

    I think I read somewhere (probably TT) that A. hexapetalus smells like sweet melon while A. siamensis smells like lemon candy.


  • rajiram

    yes. A.hexapetalus smells like sweet melon

  • Dar

    I read in Thai encyclopedia that A. siamensis releases scent in the evening.

    In Cambodian dictionary, it mentions an Artabotrys species has releasing a scent in the evening and having a scent similar to a type of aromatic banana (not the same type we find in super markets in the West). I can only assume this must be A. siamensis.

  • flowers_galore

    Here are my 2 different plants and flowers..

    A. Siamensis, i think.

    Artabotrys Hexapetalus... I think...
    I feel this has sweeter smell. A. Siamensis and A Hexa are very similar but Siamensis has slight alcoholic sour note to it in the end i think.. I always thought the 2 plants I have, bought as seedlings from two different sources (both bought as A.Hexapetalus ) are slightly different in their flower form and smell...

    Mature yellow flower and seed pod...

    Trying to vine ,above the window...

    once the flower is yellow the fragrance is done..

  • No-Clue

    Great now I don't know which one I have! All I know is mine smell like sweet melon.

  • ladylotus

    Do these plants have a strong scent that could fill a room? The flowers are not overly striking based on the photos. I am looking for a large unusual vine that will perfume my greenhouse. It has to tolerate night time temperatures from 42 - 45 deg F. I was hoping this plant would foot the bill.

  • flowers_galore

    the fragrance is fruity and is one of my favorite fragrances. Next to Jasmine it is my all time favorite. It is tropical plant. Can't tell you about its cold tolerance.

  • Marilyn Martin

    after 6 years I finally have a flower on my Artabotrys hexapetalus, I can hardly wait to smell it,

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