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Preacher Beans?

August 7, 2005

I got a call from a friend in Tennessee who's just come in to some Preacher Beans and wants to know more about them.

I haven't been able to find too much. Anybody know anything about them?

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  • carolync1

    I've heard that Preacher Bean is another name for Rattlesnake pole bean, but don't take my word for it.

  • gardenlad

    Mebbe so, Carolyn, in some places. But according to the descriptions in the SSE Yearbook they're different.

    Preacher is being offered from the Heritage Farms collection, and is described as 75-85 days, indet., light green foliage, green pods.

    Rattlesnake is described by several growers as being dark green pods with purple streaks

  • carolync1

    This nomenclature stuff gets confusing, doesn't it?

    I grew Rattlesnake this year with good results in pretty hot weather. Picked them very small, though. All my pole beans are dead now, though I have limas started and will plant a few more pole varieties for fall in a few days. Wish me luck.

  • gardenlad

    >This nomenclature stuff gets confusing, doesn't it?I could write a book.

    >Wish me luck.You go, girl!

    Did your Rattlesnake have the purple streaks?

    I got almost everything planted late, this year, so my pole beans are just coming in. I'm particularly intrigued with the White Hull Pink Tip, as it's incredibly early. Seed planted June 16, and I could have harvested beans on July 31. So far they're all a wax-bean yellow. But they should be changing color soon.

  • carolync1

    My Rattlesnake had purple stripes even when quite small. Starts off long, round and thin, then flattens out. Ceases to look like a filet bean when it's bigger. My father-in-law thought he recognized it as a popular variety in Oklahoma, also used as a dry bean.

    Is White Hull Pink Tip a pole snap bean? Name makes it sound like a cowpea.

  • gardenlad

    Yeah, it does sound like a cowpea. But in this case it's a pole snap bean. Or so it was presented to me. It's a Tennessee heirloom.

    We've found them to have a very beany taste. But the yellow pods are the antithesis of tender, when raw. This is supposition on my part, but I suspect they would can wonderfully, and, probably, make a terrific fresh shelly.

    I'll do some limited testing (what I have in now is a seed crop, y'understand) this year, then run some trials next year when I have more seed to play with.

  • vgary

    --Bean Rattlesnake. (d,h) VBEA-RS. Packet: $2.50
    Also called 'Preacher Bean', this heirloom pole bean is an old favorite in the southern U.S. Dark green pods splashed purple. Excellent flavor, tolerates heat and drought. Light brown seeds with dark streaks, hence the name Rattlesnake.

    J. L. HUDSON, SEEDSMAN 2006 Seed List

  • aladeb

    I have planted rattlesnake pole beans for over 15 years,and never had a problem with them .they do have purple streaks,and are wonderful tasting,The first time I planted them here where I live now, We had such a good growing season, that I picked over 8 bushels off of a 100 ft. row... I canned a lot and gave away a lot to my family and friends... I highly recomend them...

  • fusion_power

    Rattlesnake is also known as Preacher Bean through this area of Alabama and Mississippi.

    I've grown them for several years and got excellent crops every time.


  • ruthieg__tx

    I grew Rattlesnake for the first time last year...I read that it withstood heat so decided to try it since I live in Central Texas in the Hill country...It was the best producing bean that I have ever grown...I planted them early and harvested them through the whole season...they just never stopped producing...in the late summer, my freezer was full, we had beans everyone day on the table for the summer so I let all the rest just dry on the vine or left them for shellies...I love the Rattlesnake..

  • Robert Harman

    I am new to growing pretty much of anything. I bought a half pound of Rattlesnake beans. I have very limited space to grow them. I do have 3 large tubs, and am wondering if I could crowd them in the tubs to grow them. Thanks in advance for any info

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