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Shamrock or weed?

August 8, 2010

Is this shamrock or weed? It looks like it's got aerial roots & I'm not sure if I planted it or not. I've never seen a shamrock, only small pics on the internet & am still unsure if I can use it as ground cover, hanging plant or get rid of it.


All info will be really appreciated. Thanks.

Comments (14)

  • junglegal

    looks like oxalis...weed. Seasonal weed for the most part and likes wet spots from my experience. I'd get rid of it

  • smallfern

    Noted. Thank you junglegal.

  • tomncath

    I agree, weed, and you won't see a four-leaf ever :-)

    Brenda, where the heck you been? Probably off at some Palm convention somewhere ;-)


  • johnjsr

    I would say oaxalis, you will never rid yourself of it, even with a flame thrower. It has a pretty little flower for a while, so I let it be, then it gets ugly and I try to get rid of it. We have been doing this little dance for about 30 years. The oaxalis is winning. ;>)

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    Begging your pardon, but that looks a lot like white clover to me - & I've actually found some w/ 4 leaves @ the park where I work.

    Here's a pic of the typical yellow oxalis (a.k.a. shamrocks) that grows as a weed everywhere:

    & here's a pic of white clover:

    & a really easy way to tell if it is oxalis is to nibble a leaf - it will be sour(another common name is wood sorrel).

  • smallfern

    carol_b, when I read you note, I quickly went out and actually nibbled to taste. It wasn't sour, tasted like raw mustard green actually :) very "leafy".

    We had light rain all day yesterday so I didn't do any gardening, it's still in the container. Maybe I'll watch it carefully to make sure it doesn't spread but not kill it yet. I'll keep my fingers XXed & hope it is clover & it will flower. Thank you carol_b.

  • SaintPFLA

    I have the purple oxalis in my yard. I know 'technically' it's a weed, but I like it. The little purple flowers are sweet and happy looking to me.

    Then again, I do not have a lawn and it grows in an area where not much else will grow. I can see how it would be annoying if you were trying to have a nice pristine lawn.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    You're welcome smallfern = )

    I like the purple flowering oxalis as well - it's just the yellow I do not care for; unlike the purple, it spreads by wiry runners & its seed capsules spit tiny seeds everywhere when you try pulling it.

  • olyagrove

    Another purple oxalis "liker" here. I let it be.
    Yellow one, if I see it - I pull it.
    I do not care for grass lawns or small patches with a few plants and mulch ( I do use mulch, just do not like the "grass everywhere - one big plant and mulch all around it" look) - in my "Florida style cottage garden", purple oxalis is quite welcome!

  • tomncath

    Ya'll are too funny. I wanted to cover the whole yard with pink trifolium repens, but the Homeowners Assination frowned on it :-(

  • cjc45

    I love oxalis and clover and anything else attractive that will grow in my yard. The people in the orchid society used to moan and groan about yellow oxalis in their pots but it's really easy to pull out.

  • sis3

    When I was a child in England, where clover grows everywhere as a wildflower, we used to grip the petals of the white or purple flowers, pull them out in a clump, and suck out the nectar!

  • sharbear50

    I am not a slave to my lawn and have all sorts of weeds. As long as the flowers, plants and veggies look good. I wouldn't nibble on a weed if I didn't know what it was.

  • tomncath

    I'll take it one step further, I think nut sedge looks great and would make a cool lawn, you won't find anything more hardy and drought tolerant My neighbor, on the other hand, is always spraying it with Basagran, even in my yard :-( So, we spend millions to keep St. Augustine going while polluting the environment instead of using an attractive weed that would require nothing of us...oops, I think I just stepped on a soapbox :-)


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