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Hosta Alphabet

11 years ago

Hello everyone,How about we start another alphabet to get through February.Absolutely add your pics to this if you have them.We will start with A's.My only pic to contribute is of Avacado.

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  • swmogardens
    11 years ago

    August moon

  • thisismelissa
    11 years ago

    Alleghan Fog (love the misting):

    American Sweetheart (Such a unique upright form):

    Aristocrat (Awesome coloring):

  • hosta_freak
    11 years ago

    Abiqua Moonbeam. Maybe it should be under the M's? This pic from 2009,but it looked much the same last year. Phil


  • paul_in_mn
    11 years ago

    A couple of new additions in 2010

    Adorable - a medium sized sport of Royal Standard (this one from Denny - aahostas).

    Alex Summers - a medium/large sport of Gold Regal named after the founder of the American Hosta Society. Mine is in a fairly shady location, though MyHostas database states the margin gets more yellow/gold with half day sun.


    Here is a link that might be useful: HL Alex Summers

  • mctavish6
    11 years ago

    Yeah - pictures! That works on my SAD (another thread)

    These 'A' pictures were all taken in early/mid May. Two and a half to three months away. Can I last? I guess I have to.

  • in ny zone5
    11 years ago

    Fortunei'Albopicta' in spring :

  • hostahillbilly
    11 years ago

    Hosta 'Abba Dabba Do' is in the top 5 fastest growers even in heavy shade, here's a two year comparison:

  • keanaz5a
    11 years ago

    Abiqua Drinking Gourd

    August Beauty

  • hostahillbilly
    11 years ago

    Hosta 'Aurora Borealis'"

    Hosta 'Aristocrat':

    Hosta 'Arc de Triomph' (sp?):

    Hosta 'American Luigi' from Van S. Wade's Garden"

    Hosta 'American Halo' leaf"

    Hosta 'American Glory Be' from Van S. Wade's Garden"

    Hosta 'Alligator Shoes':

    Hosta 'Alex Summers':

    Hosta 'Academy Muse':

    Hosta 'Abiqua Moonbeam':

    Hosta 'Abiqua Moonbeam 2':

    Hostaz 'Abiqua Delight' and 'Abiqua Moonbeam':

  • paul_in_mn
    11 years ago

    Atlantis - seems to grow fast, mutation of Abba Dabba Do


    Anne Arett - added in '10


  • sidney1515
    11 years ago

    Your pics are soooo nice to look at with a foot of snow still on the ground here. Thanks so much y'all for taking the time to post them.
    Here are some of mine. .If I can find more as I am organizing my pics I'll post them.

    Aristocrat on bottom

    Abby on bottom. . nice little grower

    That's Millennium behind Avaline Taylor

  • in ny zone5
    11 years ago

    Wow, you all have such nice photos of so many nice hostas! Thanks showing them!