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Way too many plants!!!...NOT

These are the ones we brought in the house and more hanging at other places. Some are staying outside getting cover up again tonight.

I told my DH, we have the cleanest air in our neighborhood today. lol

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  • tishfromwis

    WOW!!! JUST GORGEOUS!!! And my husband asks about me getting plants "when does this end"? I need to show him your pictures!

    I guess ya'll will be eating in the living room for a few days, eh?


  • ashley_plant_addict

    Too lovely! And yes your air probably is the clenanest! Haha! All your plants look amazing! I just recently bought 3 hoya compacta plants and one is variegated. Yours look beautiful and is very full and long. How long have you grown it?

    Great photos!


  • bunnygurl

    Husbands. It seems like all they do is complain about our plants.

    Stunning photos and plants Jan. Breathtaking. And you're right. There's no such thing as too many plants!

  • PRO
    Jan Sword-Rossman Realty 239-470-6061

    Thanks all.

    Tish, I don't think it ends. ; )

    Ashley, I think my compacta is 3 years old.

    Bunny, I tell myself I have way too many plants until I see something I want, then I find a reason to get another one like I deserve another one. haha


  • mdahms1979

    Oh don't they look cute all cuddled up together. LOL
    Here's hoping it warms up soon.


  • patrick51

    Jan....those pictures are so hilarious....I laughed so hard when I saw them....just too funny!!! I kinda have to agree with your husband, especially after seeing your photos...but, again...I'm just as bad as you are. BTW...beautiful plants!! On another note...this is only day 17 of winter, officially....it feels like it's been at least 9 months already!! I've never in my life been so eager for summer!! Best wishes, Patrick

  • PRO
    Jan Sword-Rossman Realty 239-470-6061

    Mike, I think it's going to warm up by next week.

    Patrick, it's a sickness I know ; ) but I rather have these sickness any day over so many really really bad sickness. LOL
    These are the times I think I have way too many plants when I have to drag them in to the house.
    Normally the plants are scattered all over the yard, under the trees, on the shelves, hanging here & there.

  • dmichael619

    Nice photos Jan and let me be the first to say that there is NO SUCH things as TOO many plants, at least not hoya plants anyway!!!
    Thankfully I have a gh to overwinter my hoyas in. BUT!! if push came to shove and the gas went out or some other unforeseen issue arose and I had to move them into my house or risk loosing them well then I guess I would have to find someplace else to lay my head because there wouldn't be any room left in my hose for me to sleep!!

    Fortunately for me ( or I should say for him) I have a BF who tends to overlook my obsession with hoyas,because If I had to bring them inside,nothing would be said about it because the plants were here before he was!!!

  • puglvr1

    Wow Jan!! That's a lot of plants inside the house...but NOT too many,lol...Thanks for the pictures, your plants are amazing. I bet you never realized just how many you had till you had to bring them all inside? Great pics!!

  • PRO
    Jan Sword-Rossman Realty 239-470-6061

    David, thanks for your compliment. I hope you don't have to bring in all your hoyas because you have way more then me.
    It's good that he over looks it because some times it's irritating to have other half looking at me like I am some kind of plant nut. Hehe
    How's your mom?

    Pug, thanks for your kind words. Yes I didn't realize I had that many plants. The plants grew so there seems to be a lot more too.
    I hope I don't have to keep bringing these plants this season.

  • houseplantlover

    WOW, just wonderful pics. Thank you for sharing with us. Your plants are spectular. Never too many plants. I see where u take cutting of them also. Funny how we just have to always make more. I am from ontario, Canada and it is snowing like crazy here but we did hear about the cold weather and snow u are having in Florida and the problems with the fruit trees and the strawberry's. We are all hoping it doesnt get any worse for u cause we pay crazy prices for fruit in the winter to begin with but it will be financeially unobtainable for us if your fruit freezes.
    Think us cold weather people have houses that look like yours 6 months out of the year. It is a huge chore to bring in all the plants at my place too, for the winter.

    Thanks again

  • dmichael619

    Jan in response to your asking about my mom, she's doing okay. may be able to come home tomorrow. She will be 61 on May 9th and has had major heart and lung issues since Jan. of 92". She's not overweight at all,has diabetes, had cancer 2 years ago, a mild stroke on top of that and now this issue with pneumonia that just doesn't seem to want to go away. this makes the third stay in the hospital since mid Dec.I personally think they keep releasing her before things get completely better and then she comes home and tries to do things that she should not be doing and then she relapses.

    As far as having to bring all of my hoyas inside that just ain't gonna happen unless like I said I run out of propane and can't get the tank refilled for some reason!! If I had to bring them all in or risk loosing them like I said earlier,I would bring them in but I would have to be faced with no other alternative.

    My hoya collecting has just gotten WAY out of control. I know this and I know that I DO NOT need any more but i can't seem to get that little monster in my brain that keeps telling "buy some more", under control!!!

    Good thing about it though is now I have so many hoyas that the BF never knows when new ones come in!!! I can always hide the new acquisitions amongst the old ones and he'll never know ,,unless he intercepts an incoming package before I do!!! He could care less really I think,at this point in the game he probably thinks i'm nutty as a fruitcake anyway playing with my plants all day long!!!!

    All joking aside though,after 12 years of being together he knows that i'm seriously into my plants and that time spent with my hoyas is DAVID time. It's a great stress reliever for me,it's extremely relaxing to be able to go into the gh,shut the door,listen to the water feature,work with the hoyas and just get my mind off of things that are going on in the real world outside of those gh walls!!!



  • PRO
    Jan Sword-Rossman Realty 239-470-6061

    HPL, thanks for your compliment!
    David, glad your mom is doing little better. Sounds like she been through a lot.
    My DH & I've been together 12 years too but he just is not a plant person. I told him it could be a lot worse, like I could be addicted to jewelries or something much more expensive.


  • bunnygurl

    You could be addicted bunny rabbits like I am. They take up quite a bit of space and are really quite messy. And they eat alot. Food alone costs me $45 every two weeks...and that's with 6. I used to have 16...

    Plants are the lesser of the evils I'm certain!

  • Denise


    I hear FL has been having quite a cold spell. When are they predicting you'll warm up enough to put your Hoyas back out? With all the snow we've had this year, it may be June before it's all melted and I can put my succulents out!!

    Denise in Omaha

  • haxuan

    While you are having "cold spell", I'm having "heat wave" and without running water... I have to bring all my outside plants into the shade house to cool them down!

    Crazy weather!


  • cpawl

    This year it seems we are all getting different weather then normal.To day we matched the record from 1943 with temp at 12C/55F. The locally ski hills have had to close today because all they are getting is rain.I hope We have enough snow for the Olympics that are to start in a few weeks.I think the snow blowers will be working over time.But I am and my hoyas are very happy with the warmer weather.I hope it warms up for every one else soon.


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