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Hosta Alphabet L without Lakesides

11 years ago

Let's see some L's.We will do Lakesides tomorrow.




Comments (5)

  • paul_in_mn
    11 years ago

    Lacy Belle - new '10

    Limey Lisa - new '10

    Little Sunspot

    Love Pat - who doesn't love blue cupped leaves


  • hostahillbilly
    11 years ago

    Liberty, early season:

  • luvtosharedivs
    11 years ago

    My 'Liberty' looks more like h-p-kinman's.
    Taken later in the season, since the edges have turned more creamy-white


  • mctavish6
    11 years ago

    I decided to post some of the pictures with the plant in the garden. I use to like seeing Papou's plants in the garden to give me an idea of what they could look like. It always surprises me that I can read the description of one I have never seen but get such a wrong impression of what size it will be.

    Nothing like Julie's but interesting light.

    Here's another version of Liberty, in the fall

  • franknjim
    11 years ago

    Love Pat. I gave the clump away after removing a couple starts from it. It collected either maple seeds or dirt all the time.

    Little Patriot. Leaves can be up to 6" tall or shorter depending on location.

    Little Treasure. New 2010.

    Lemon Lime. Makes a great fast growing groundcover.

    Lily Pad. New fall of 2009.