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Postive experience with Aleya Gardens

12 years ago

I recently received a shipment of 4 boxes of hoyas from Aleya Gardens. The first arrived 6 days later, the next two arrived on day 10 and the last arrived on day 11. I chose the second fastest shipping method so there is a faster method. The plants were well rooted, the leaves were green, a lttle dehydrated, some were yellow and had fallen off, but pretty healthy considering the distance that they traveled. They rehydrated within a couple of days with high humidity and misting. Actually the plants were larger than I expected and it cost Aleya more than I paid for shipping because the average weight was more than the listed 105 grams each. I communicated several days before ordering and each day after ordering, sometimes twice a day. Real good communication which was my deciding factor to trust the grower and take a chance of a long distance shipment. I am getting ready for my next shipment.

Comments (3)

  • Denise
    12 years ago

    Never heard of them... Will probably wait until I've heard several positive reviews before I would consider ordering. Even though I'm not a member, I watch for reviews over on DG watchdog.

    Denise in Omaha

  • birdsnblooms
    12 years ago

    Wag, I too order from Aleya Garden..Their plants are huge, aren't they?
    Did you order all Hoyas, or purchase other varieties, too?
    I love his Aglaonemas..the colors are amazing, and his prices are great.
    I get confused with shipping costs, lol, but the last two orders arrived very fast conisidering they were shipped from Thailand to US/IL.

    He has numerous fact, if you don't see one on his site, if you type in the Search Box, there's a good chance he has it. Toni
    PS..Do you have pics to post?

  • okie_deb
    12 years ago

    I've ordered and received twice from him and both times been happy with what I received. Lots of rooted plant for the money!,,,,Debbie