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They root better in GREEN?

16 years ago

I never discover anything new, and this has probably been noticed before.

I have experimented water rooting plants with remarkably varying results. Plants rooted in GREEN containers root MUCH faster.

I have experimented with H. Lacunosa, H. Bella, H. Multiflora and H. Pubicalyx. Some other plants I have tried are Jasmine Sambac and Stephanotis. Stephanotis fans know this plant is a very slow rooter. I have had Stephanotis cuttings take over six months to root. The Stephanotis results are what prompted this post.

About three months ago I had to cut back my Stephanotis after the plant got totally out of hand. When the pruning was done, I had perhaps 100 cuttings. Dropped one bundle in an old green depression glass pitcher, 4 more batches in clear spaghetti jars. (That's right, I don't make sauce from scrath). When I was refilling the jars, I noticed a root on the bottom of the pitcher. I then examined the cutting and 13 of them had roots. 6 more had the white callas that forms just before the roots. These other six sprouted roots within a few more weeks. As of this morning there is but ONE of the perhaps 70 cuttings left in clear glass that has rooted.

I have since experimented with the Hoyas. The cuttings in green will have 1" - 2" roots and ready to be planted before those in clear even start rooting. The rooting containers were kept side by side, exactly the same.

Jasmine was another remarable difference. I had to cut back a large plant, and had perhaps 50 cuttings. I cut down a green 2 liter plastic bottle. Presto, they ALL rooted before the ones in clear even started. I then placed a drop of green food coloring in the water of the yet unrooted cuttings and they rooted before the others left in clear.

Has anyone else noticed this? I seem to remember reading a few years back that Deb rooted hers in dark glass. I tried in brown, but did not notice much difference from clear. I had a mulltiflora cutting rot in brown.

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