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Zucchini x Yellow Crookneck?

15 years ago

I have scoured the Internet & this website for the better part of 2 days, thinking this would be SUCH a common topic, but - no luck! That being said: advanced apologies if I just didn't manage to use the right wording in the zillions I tried in my zillions of searches & this topic has indeed been discussed to death.

So. I grew a couple of Zucchini & Yellow Crookneck in the same row last year. I had zero intentions of saving seeds b/c I had enough "originals" for this year's garden. However, on my way to the burnpile, hauling the remains of last year's extras that had gotten gigantic, laid there all winter & became brittle mostly-hollow shells, I discovered they contained zillions of, what look like to my amateur self, anyway - practically perfectly-preserved seeds!

So, naturally - I decided to do some research before sacrificing them to the burnpile gods & goddesses.

&, here are my questions:

How is the viability of seeds (just in general) who've endured the weather & season changes like these did affected?

I can't believe nobody's ever crossed Zucchini & Yellow Squash, before - accidentally or otherwise, LOL! Is there some super-common hybridized name thecross is referred to as, or something? (Zookneck? Crookini?) Or, maybe the reason I can't find anything abt it, anywhere is b/c these 1st generation cross seeds are sterile, so there IS no such a thing as a Zookneck or Crookini?

OR, conversely, if the 2 crossing is a pretty common occurrence &, if those seeds ARE viable . . . what is the result of planting those 1st-gen seeds, fruitwise?

Thanks in advance for all of the generous wisdom I'll be looking forward to being showered with. :D

Best wishes,

Sarah in extreme south-central MI

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