Smart Rats

17 years ago

We live in a pretty suburban setting, but occasionally have rat encounters. This last one has me stumped. After finding that they had chewed a hole in the dog food bin in the garage, I mistakenly assumed they were interested in the food. However, it's the plastic! The food is probably just a fringe benefit. They've gone after a tool box, plastic tubing, plastic measuring cups, and plastic formwork in our cars.

I caught 5 in traditional traps baited with peanut butter (I hope this doesn't disqualify me from the IPM Forum), and thought we were done. However, the plastic's still getting shredded, and they apparently are either on to me or have lost their taste for peanut butter. The last trap that was even sprung at all had a small piece of rat tail in it, and the next trap to do anything disappeared completely. I'm convinced they've taken it to their lair and have dismantled it to tell all their friends how it works.

But seriously, does anyone have any advice about an alternative bait to peanut butter? I'd always heard it was the best, but am willing to try almost anything (no poisons, please).

Thanks in advance!

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