Update #2 - Re: Using cornmeal as a plant fungicide

17 years ago


Many of you have been following the various postings on GardenWeb regarding our experiment using cornmeal/ground corn as a plant fungicide. Let me stress that this is still an experiment which is showing promise and needs further testing. Please report your successes, failures, observations, etc. on this thread.

Here are a few guidelines that may help you:

1. Please use only grocery store purchased cornmeal in vegetable gardens.

2. This experiment uses only cornmeal/ground corn. I have no idea if other corn products such as masa harina, grits, etc. will give the same results. Your reports/results on the subject will be of great interest, especially to those gardening in other countries.

3. How to use cornmeal as a fungicide? It is easy. Just scatter a handful of it lightly around any plant which is prone to fungus or mildew problems beginning in the early spring. Repeat this treatment once a month. Try it on roses for blackspot, tomatoes, hostas, zinnias, hollyhock rust, lawn problems such as Red thread, Brown patch, Southern blight, etc.

4. DO NOT USE cornmeal as a fungicide on young seedling growth to prevent damp-off. Recent reports indicate that this use of cornmeal is harmful to the very young seedlings.

Wait until the plants have grown strong enough to be planted in the garden and then begin a cornmeal treatment, if needed.

If you post your observations would you please give the name of the closest large city near you.


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