Lighting system for amaryllis seedlings

14 years ago

Hi! I have been so hooked on amaryllis for the past 2 years and have been cross pollinating my amaryllis collection (almost 80 varieties). I collected a LOT of seeds and have grown some of them. My first batch of seedlings are 1 1/2 year olds and the second batch are 6 month olds. I have read that amaryllis seedlings should be avoided to be put to rest during winter time at least for the first year. So that would mean that the first batch can be put to rest this winter time. The second batch will need to be grown indoors this winter. I have NEVER grown plants using artificial lights. I am planning to grow them in a semi-basement where the temp. stays in the 50-60s. Humidity is no problem with amaryllis. Space is also not a problem. I have this long countertop in the laundry room that I can occupy. I dearly need help or suggestions on which light bulbs to use that would be efficient enough and at the same time economical for me. I still have hundreds of seeds waiting to be planted. YES, I am amaryllis crazy. And here are the reasons why...

Thank you so much in advance! You all have a happy gardening day!!!

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