Sugar Magnolia snap pea

A purple podded snap pea, trying these for the first time this year. The seed is from Peace Seeds... not sure if Alan Kapular bred this, or if this is the end result of the purple snap pea breeding Carol Deppe referred to in her book. Very long vines, mine are already almost 7' tall & still blooming. The height caught me off guard, I had to extend the trellis! They seem to have benefited from a location with mid-afternoon shade. Production is not bad, and they have not suffered from any disease problems.


Once strings are pulled, the pods are fiber free. The flavor is good, but not as sweet as the "Sugar Lace" I've grown previously. That may change... I've always planted "Sugar Lace" late, and harvested in cool Fall weather, so cool weather may improve "Sugar Magnolia" as well. Only sampling a few pods this year, and saving the rest for seed. I hope to grow a full trellis next year... this time on the 6 1/2 foot trellis I use for pole beans.

Alan mentions that there are several variants in this breeding line... some regular tendril (which is what mine are) as well as versions which are hypertendril (leaves that are mostly masses of tendrils), vetch (no tendrils), and parsley (like hypertendril, but with masses of small leaves in place of the tendrils). I'm pretty happy with the pole version, but might still try the hypertendril variant at some point.

I'm also growing a larger planting of the yellow podded snap pea I grew last year, "Opal Creek" (also from Peace Seeds). Unfortunately, it was planted in my rural plot, which flooded several times this year. The seeds germinated & survived (nearly all of my beans & soybeans planted there rotted) but their development is way behind, the flowers are just now beginning to appear. The intent was to increase seed to the point where I could share it, not sure if that will happen this year.

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