Has anyone used Milky Spore successfully?

14 years ago

I hear some rave about MS while others say it didn't work well for them. I read the back threads here @ the MAG forum and Olga...I don't know where she lives...says she was over run with JB even AFTER applying MS. Olga, if you read this, I'd like to hear if you're seeing less JB these days. The Ag Ex Serv says the MS might only kill 18% of JB grubs.

I live near Harper's Ferry on the boarder of Virginia, W. Virginia & Maryland. I'd like to hear of successes and failures. Especially from those that applied it more than 3 yrs ago.

I really don't mind spending the money if it makes a significant dent in the population. My small orchard usually takes a beating. I've noticed that the numbers are down this year in my area. The Ag Ex Agt says it's because of our drought last fall that the #'s are down.

But they'll be back...

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