Broccoli heads small and spreading...

10 years ago

I'm a newbie to vegetable gardening and so far have had some success and some misery. Right now, my broccoli heads are opening up and spreading out "loosely." The heads were nice and tight and green until they hit about a silver dollar size and in the last few days, have grown to maybe 3" in diameter but are "opening up." They were transplants from a local nursery I trust. And I'm wondering what, if anything, I may have done wrong. The soil I used to fill my raised beds is the Premier Horticulture Ultimate Organic Mix which I supplemented with some compost. Lettuces did awesome, snap peas are doing well, carrots are moving along nicely. But the broccoli... the plants have grown quite well, look healthy and full, big bright green leaves. Can anyone explain to me what may have gone wrong?

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