raising livestock ecologically

12 years ago

Conventional livestock raising methods have been incredibly environmentally destructive with soil erosion, deforestation, large portions of agriculture dedicated to growing feed, extermination of billions of predators to protect free ranging livestock, infiltration of non-native plant species and on and on. These costs to our environment and health are irrelevant because private industries don't pay them. We do with our destroyed health and environment. IsnÂt there a better way to raise livestock than continuously warring with nature? Cattle grazing alone has caused more environmental destruction than lumbering and mining combined. If it is necessary to exterminate millions of predators to protect livestock maybe livestock shouldnÂt be allowed to roam around. Should millions of acres of the country be fenced off to the rest of us only to be ruined by ranching? Grazing animals coexisted with predators just fine before the white man decided to disrupt everything for profit. What is the permaculture method of raising livestock ecologically? Also, I know that permaculture methods are effective at growing food for families or small communities, but how is permaculture used to raise enough food to feed millions of people. How can permaculture replace large scale farming? Thank you.

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