digging and selling topsoil

14 years ago

Hi Folks --

A friend has approached me, since I am in the landscape business, to help him sell topsoil that will be excavated from the site he is digging a large pond. He has permission to dig in an area that is flood plain, and so is wonderful dark river bottom earth. It will probably meet organic standards since it has not been farmed or had pesticides on it in over 10 years.

I'm in the process of getting the soil tested, and we are discussing the best ways to sell the soil. We're debating whether to try to find someone to dig and haul the whole thing for one price, or whether we should try to sell and haul the dirt ourselves.

My question for you all is, have you any experience with this type of ag business? Do you have any information about reasonable prices for either bulk soil or direct sales of soil in the metro-DC area? Do you know of any resources for setting up and managing this type of business?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and help.


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