Kelly nurseries is a scam

May 24, 2012

So, I would imagine there have been plenty of posts to this effect. I'll add my two cents just in an effor to vent my frustration.

Well I fell for it. I know that in general you get what you pay for, but the price was too good to refuse. I ordered bareroot seedlings of blue spruce and austrian pine. About 60 of them for $75 including shipping, pretty good. When they arrived, they were clearly dead. Moreover, there was very little by way of roots, and they were covered in fungus. When I contacted them, they gave me the typical line about "plants are usually stressed by shipment, try and plant them and they should snap out of it." In retrospect I do not know why, maybe I wanted to believe, but I planted the darned things, expending the effort to plant all 60. Of course that did not help bring them back to life. A few weeks later when I googled them online, I see that their ratings are majorly skewed negative, with lots of ratings saying the same thing I'm about to say. I got concerned and contacted them again. Now their line is "Our policy states that if you want a refund, you must mail back plant material right away. We will only refund if we receive it in the first 15 days. After that we will send a replacement one time." They also said "We expected that they might be dead, since plant material is perishable, so we are prepared to send a replacement." What? Then why did you recommend that I plant them in the first place? Just to delay me so I could not fit into your self-imposed rules? So I say, fine just send the replacement. You have to have saved the original package and mail them a particular part of the shipping label. Jeez, why would anyone intentionally create such a convoluted system? Fortunately I have it and I mail it in. A month later, I receive from them another package of dead plants. When I contact them, I get the same reply as before, it must just be a form they send to everyone. They are stressed out from shipment and suggest I plant them. Come on, I don't think dead plants can get stressed out. After further attempts to discuss this with them, it is clear that they feel they have satisfied their requirement by sending a replacement. What a scam! And the worst part is, Garden Watchdog is full of stories just like this.

In the end, I had to dispute through my credit card to get my money back. I'm glad I didn't pay by check.

It seems also that this nursery has many aliases, but all are the same company. They also go by Burgess, Farmer Seed, Plantron, and on and on.


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