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how do I wash peppers off my hands?

18 years ago


My super chilis are dangerous! I've been drying some in my air conditioned kitchen. Last night I had some pad thai take out and after I started eating it I realized that they hadn't put any pepper in it at all.

It dawned on me that I had the super chilis in my kitchen. This is the first time I've grown hot peppers and I hadn't tried any of the dried ones yet. I chose one, cut off the stem, cut it lengthwise, took out the seeds, and then chopped it up finely on a cutting board.

I used my fingers to sweep the pepper bits into a small bowl and a bit of the dust onto my noodles. I then washed my hands carefully twice.

A few minutes later I realized that one of my nostrils was kind of burning. I figured I must have touched it while I was chopping the peppers. Nope. I touched the tip of my tongue with my index finger and it made my tongue burn. It then carefully washed my hands and tried again. Same thing!

I then used some lotion and aloe vera and then washed with soap. It think that got most of it. I figured it is the oils that are hot and I need something that will mix with oil to wash it away.

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